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Big Paella Pan

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Have you ever been to a party where the caterers are cooking on a big Paella pan? Its a very impressive sight. Its even more impressive when 2 or more big Paella pans are being cooked on at the same time! That’s exactly what Your Paella, the Paella catering specialists do.

From the site of the BIG Paella pans, to the beautiful aromas that are created  whilst the delicious Paella’s are being cooked. Paella really is THE hot food choice for any social gathering. From weddings to public shows and events, birthday parties and corporate events.

Your Paella cart

Cooking on big Paella pan’s isn’t easy and its not really a good idea to try and cook in a big Paella pan until you have mastered the art of cooking Paella in a much smaller pan a few times first. If your a lover of food like I am, then I really would suggest that you buy a small Paella pan and have a go at cooking your own Paella.

You may want to check out our online shop and see if we have received our stock of Paella pans, legs and burners yet. If not just bookmark the page and check back later. You could also “Like” our Facebook page then you will receive all our latest updates and any special offers we have.

So how hard is it to cook your first Paella? If your used to preparing food and cooking, then not hard at all I would say. Its all about having the right Paella pan and really good ingredients.

Paella mix and Lemon

When Your Paella  cook Paella, we use, extra virgin olive oil, onions, tomato, Chicken, Spanish Chorizo sausage, mixed shellfish, red pepper, garlic, stock, Paella rice and Your Paella’s seasoning. We don’t add the shells when we cook Paella so the guests don’t get covered in it while trying to de-shell the prawns etc.

Perfect Paella

Now if your ready to cook a Paella of your own, take a look around the Your Paella Blog, its full of information and videos to help you cook the perfect Paella!

If you would like information about booking Your Paella for a party or any special occasion, you can contact us here:-



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