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Budget Wedding Catering

When it comes to getting married or having a civil ceremony, it can be very expensive. Its said that the average wedding costs £21,000 at the moment.

Some of the things to remember if your getting married on a budget are that a wedding certificate costs £3.50, a ceremony in a church costs around £300.00 and around £100.00 at a register office and Your Paella can cook delicious Paella from just £8.50 a head! (based on 100 portions in Northants)

Your Paella corporate catering.

Your Paella corporate catering.


So what next? Well if you want a designer wedding dress at a bargain price, it may pay to check out the local charity shops. Make sure you ask at the counter if they have any wedding dresses out the back. Sometimes they don’t always have them hanging up in the shop. You could also search for the charity shops online and email them to see if they have any in a different shop that’s out of your area.

You may want to check out any independent bridal shops in your area too. They may have more flexibility on the prices and may be happy to haggle on the price. Don’t be shy about asking for a cheaper deal, or if they have anything that’s “out the back” that you may be able to repair or adapt yourself. If you don’t ask you’ll never know if they have it. is another good place to search for a bargain wedding dress.

Decorations and stationery

Lovely Designs Bespoke work

Don’t pay wedding stationers to design, print and send the invites. “Stationery
can easily set you back £300. Why not try making your own wedding invites? A good website to check out is Making things yourself is quite stylish and can save two-thirds of the cost. You may also want to take a look at Lovely Designs for a cost effective and personal service.


Ask a friend to do the photos or get in touch with a local college to see if any
students will do it at a cheap rate, or put disposable cameras on each table at
the reception. You could make a coffee-table style book with your photos on the website. This may save you a couple of grand!


Hide your excitement when you book anything from the venue to the photographer. Your Paella won’t try and charge you more just because its a wedding. The price is the same regardless of the occasion.
According to consumer group Which? some hotels, florists and photographers
increase costs dramatically as soon as you say “wedding”. One hotel quoted
£1,000 less when it thought it was catering for a birthday rather than a
wedding. But if you’ve set your heart on a costly venue, at least get the price
knocked down by getting it off-peak.

A nice friendly venue can be found at Millhouse Hotel and Riverside Restaurant.

Food and drink

I’m sure you know who I’m going to recommend here, yep, you got it! Your Paella! Because Your Paella cook in such large Paella pans, it keeps the cost down compared to a three or more course menu. There is so much more work involved in cooking various courses. Maybe you would like to keep the costs down further by just having Your Paella cook the main meal and you supply the side salad, bread rolls and dessert? Or Your Paella can supply you with everything, from Tapas starters to single serving dessert? It may be that you would like casual fun type food to be served in the evening?Your Paella is the perfect choice for the evening food.

Other savings include serving cake as a pudding, so you don’t also pay for dessert; having sponge instead of fruit cake, having “pudding cakes” such as a tower of profiteroles, or cake made of cheese.

“If you’re set on a traditional cake, having two tiers instead of three can save £200! Collecting and assembling it yourself also saves pounds.

Serving Cava or Prosecco instead of champagne is fairly standard these days, as
is having a cash bar, or hopping across the channel to pick up cheaper drinks.
You could even make some yourself. A good homebrew shop is The Happy Brewer. This is their website: We have used The Happy Brewer for wines and beers and they give some great advice.

The honeymoon

Why not book a holiday at the last minute or have a honeymoon as a wedding
present? Another way of getting a great deal on a holiday is to look at going to a resort that has had some kind of conflict in the country the year before. About one year after the conflict in the Dominican Republic, you could find 5 star all inclusive package deals at a whooping 50% off!

How ever you decide to get married, we hope its a fantastic day and your love for each other lasts a lifetime! Good luck!



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