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Outdoor Catering.

Outdoor catering services come in all shapes and sizes and serve all kinds of food.

Your Paella are specialist outdoor caterers and cook a range of delicious Paella’s for your next outdoor catering event. You can see the main website here

Paella cart set and ready to cook

Outdoor catering is perfect for that special occasion, like a birthday or christening. In fact, when you need to feed a large group of people at an affordable price the Your Paella outdoor catering service is the perfect solution.

Perfect Paella

In many cases it can cost more to feed 100 guests with hot food than the cost of hiring Your Paella to come, cook and serve delicious fresh Paella.

Prices can start from just £7.50 per person when you are hosting a party for a minimum of 100 people. Don’t be fooled by this great value price into thinking that Your Paella serve anything less than high end fantastic quality Paella’s. As a professional outdoor catering company, Your Paella can take advantage of sourcing their ingredients at wholesale prices allowing them to bring a great taste and service at a great price.

Your Paella, Paella party catering

So, what are you waiting for? Check out their main website now and get a free quote! Your guests will be glad you did!

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