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When your looking for a great Paella Catering Company, take a moment to checkout Arguably the best for taste and value in the whole of the UK!

Paella cart set and ready to cook

Your Paella, the Paella Catering Company cover the whole of the UK. Their prices start from just £8.50 per head if you are lucky enough to live within Band 1. on the UK map. You can check to see what Band you live in to help workout the cost of hiring Your Paella for your next special occasion  Maybe a Birthday party or a wedding? Just Click Here to find what Band you live in.

Nationwide Paella Catering Service

Nationwide Paella Catering Service


Whatever the occasion Your Paella are the perfect solution to your outside catering needs.

The average cost of hiring Your Paella is between *£850.00 to *£1000.00 depending on the amount of Paella to be cooked and the location of the party. *The prices above are based on at least 100 portions being cooked and cover most of the UK although other factors can have an affect on pricing. The easy way to get a price for your event or party is to Contact Your Paella. They will be more than happy to give you a no obligation quote for free.

Green and Black Olives

Green and Black Olives

Your Paella also offer “Tapas” and mixed green salad to accompany the Paella. At the time of typing this article, the cost of a mixed green salad with Tomato, Cucumber, Olives, Bread roll with butter comes in at just £2.50 per head! I’m sure you will agree that, that’s great value for money! They can even supply a range of single serving desserts @£3.50 per head!

Your Paella dessert range

Your Dessert

You can see the range of dessert’s if you Click Here.

So now you know who and what  Your Paella can bring to your party, why not Contact them today a give your guests that bit extra? Why not give them, Your Paella!

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