Paella Wedding Catering Newton Park Barn Bedfordshire

Paella Wedding Catering

Paella Wedding Catering

Paella Wedding Catering is a growing trend in the UK and with very good reason.

Your Paella isn’t only a great tasting dish it’s also very versatile. With a range of Paella’s on offer from Shellfish only to Vegan and just about everything in between.

Paella is also a healthy option to offer your guests at a Wedding.

We at Your Paella specialize in Paella Wedding Catering. Unlike many other caterers that will try and provide anything and everything, sort of “Jack of all trades, Master of none” When it comes to cooking Paella at Weddings Your Paella are Masters!

Paella Wedding Catering with the unique Paella Cart really ads to a Wedding allowing everyone to watch professional Paella chef’s work their magic. The wonderful aromas fill the air while the guests tuck into little Spanish style canapes.

Paella Wedding Catering

The famous “Paella Cart” at a Wedding.

Over 100 5 Star Reviews.

With over 100 5 Star client reviews, you can be confident that once you have booked Your Paella for the catering at your Wedding you and your very important guests will be in great hands. You can read many of these reviews here.

Spanish meats

Spanish style canapes.

Get More Information.

Booking Your Paella to cater at your Wedding is a very easy process. You can Contact Us through our website  or call us for an immediate response on 07989079231. We are always happy to chat about your big day and give professional advice for you Paella Wedding Catering.

Wedding Paella Catering

Wedding Paella Catering.

Watch Your Paella Video.

Below you can watch a video of Your Paella as they get ready to cook at a Wedding for 120 guests. You can also watch many more Videos of Your Paella at various sites cooking their delicious Paella’s here.


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