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Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering in the UK is big business and there are a lot of wedding catering options to choose from, so it makes sense to shop around for the perfect wedding catering service for your big day.

It’s true that as soon as you mention the fact that you want a catering service for your wedding many caterers and wedding venues will put the price up just because it’s catering for a wedding.

At Your Paella we give you the price for our service and never charge more just because it’s catering for a wedding.

Paella Catering Cambridgeshire

Wedding Catering With A Difference.

Paella wedding catering can really offer you so much more than the standard meat and 2 veg option.

When your guests see the huge Paella pans sitting on top of the famous Your Paella “Paella Cart” the excitement begins to rise. Then they have the added bonus of watching professional Paella chef’s cooking delicious Paellas in front of their very eyes.

The aromas of high quality Spanish chorizo sausage start to fill the air as the chorizo starts to sizzle in the hot extra virgin olive oil.

Then the loud frying sound as the onion is poured into the large Paella pans is a head turner adding even more mouth watering aroma in the air.

As the Paella chef continues to ad more ingredients to the large Paella pans your guests can be served Spanish style canapes. These bite size canapes are just enough to bring your guests appetite to the front of their mind and by now the Paella’s are bubbling away sending even more delicious aromas in to the air around them.


Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes

The whole Paella wedding catering experience, with it’s cooking theater in full swing will really wow you and your guests. All this excitement before you have even tasted Your Paella!

Now the time has come and Your Paella is now ready to be served from the Your Paella “Paella Cart” by the uniformed Paella chef that has been cooking with great ease and skill.

Paella wedding catering with Your Paella really is something you and your guests will remember.

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If you’re interested in giving your guests something that is cost effective, healthy, tasty and entertaining at your wedding you can contact us or call 07989079231 and we will be more than happy to give you any advice you would like.


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