Environmental Concerns


Greener Catering

We offer metal reusable single serving Paella bowls and wooden forks for those who may have environmental concerns.


Impact Aware

We are totally aware of the impact that plastics can have and do what we can to limit the amount we have to use in our business model.


We Recycle

When ever possible we aim to recycle as much of what we use as possible.


how We Compost Our Waste


We take all of our food waste, cardboard and paper from various packaging to our own allotment where we have a special area to compost this type of waste. We then use the compost to grow our own vegetables. As you can see in the images below, we have taken the onion and other vegetable waste and used it to make fantastic compost for our own vegetables.

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What we do to keep our impact on the environment down


We take great pride in the fact that we as a small business do what we can to limit the impact we have on our environment.

Not just within our business but also in our private family life.

We can offer those of you that have specific environmental concerns various options for Your Paella catering service.

  • Metal reusable single serving Paella pans in place of disposable bowls. (This has an extra cost) See image.
  • Wooden cutlery in place of plastic disposable cutlery. (This has an extra cost)
  • Total waste removal and recycled if wanted.
  • Able to discuss your individual needs.

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