Here Comes The Summer!

Here Comes The Summer!

Time for outside partying and that means OUTSIDE CATERING.

It’s like the winter was going on forever.

At last spring is arriving and summer will be with us all once again!

As a Paella catering company that serves it’s clients thought out the UK we really look forward to the change in the seasons so we can get back to doing what we do best. Cook delicious Paella’s at Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events.

Choosing An Outside Catering Company.

If you are hosting any type of gathering and require the professional services provided by an outside catering company, then Your Paella just may be the perfect solution.

Covering the whole of the UK, we can provide Paella, tapas, Spanish style canapes, and more for you and your guests.

Our famous Paella Cart (image above) is exclusive to Your Paella. It really adds to the Wow factor of any event.

Large Or Small Events Catered for.

We find ourselves outside catering and all kinds of party’s.

Some are huge weddings with 200 guests that require Paella’s tapas, salads, bread rolls and Spanish style canapes.

Other party’s can be a smaller and require less food.

In any event, Your Paella are happy to cater for your next party, large or small though out the UK.

Contact Us.

Now is the perfect time to secure our outside catering services.

Just Click here and you will be directed to our main website. Then call us or fill out our online contact form.

Your guests will be very happy that you did.

Fun and Colorful Wedding and Party Catering.

Fun, Colorful Wedding and Party Catering.

Want Fun Colorful Catering? Weddings and Party’s are almost always very colorful affairs. So why should the catering be less colorful?

Paella Catering.

When you need a catering company to cook wonderful, healthy and delicious food, you can be sure that Your Paella, the Paella Wedding Catering professionals will fit perfectly!

With the use of the unique and colorful Paella Cart at your Wedding or Party you will have a fantastic catering experience that hugely helps with the overall Party atmosphere.

Fun and Affordable Wedding Catering.

Weddings are known to be a very expensive day. Most catering company’s charge a higher rate once they know it’s for a Wedding.

We charge the same rate, no matter the reason for our Paella Catering Service. Weddings, Private Party’s or Corporate Events. Our rates remain the same!

Fun Catering.

We love what we do and it really shows. Once on site and all set up, the fun really begins! It’s always fun chatting to the guests as they watch us cook Paella from scratch right there in front of everyone.

It has often been said that Gary from Your Paella is a bit of a character to have at any Wedding or Party!

Make a Booking.

As you can imagine, Paella Catering at any Wedding is a fun and colorful catering experience and as such the demand for Paella Catering is very high especially through the summer months.

It is a great idea to make contact early. This way you can get all the information in good time and if you secure the booking in good time that will be one less thing to worry about for the BIG day.

Booking Your Paella is a very easy process. The starting point is to contact us as soon as you know you need a Paella catering service for your Wedding or Party.

Wedding Catering For 30 People

Paella Catering for Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events.

Paella Catering for Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events.

If you’re looking for Paella Catering at a Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event you have landed on the right website.

Your Paella catering service offers a totally unique catering experience for you and those very important guests. It’s so important to offer your guests more than just food. When you use Your Paella to cater at your Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event the guests will be wowed by the sight and smells of delicious Paella’s being cooked in full view. With the use of the unique “Paella Cart” Your Paella put on a great show and at the end provide you and your guests with delicious, healthy Paella.

Paella Catering

The famous “Paella Cart”

UK Wide Coverage.

Your Paella offer their Paella Catering service across the whole of the UK. Based in Northamptonshire and South Yorkshire we have the whole of the UK covered.

Your Paella offer Spanish Style Canapes, hot and cold Tapas, Salads, breads and of course fantastic tasting Paella’s.

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

How Much Will It Cost?

The price depends on many factors. Where will the Event take place? How many guests do you want to cater for? Do you want to supply more than Paella? The fact is the best way to find out what the cost for your event will be to contact us or call us on 07989079231. We are always happy to provide our perspective clients a free no obligation price.

Read Past Clients Reviews.

Don’t just take our word for how great the Your Paella Catering Service is, you can read some of our past clients reviews if you follow this link, once you are on that page you can click on each review to see where it’s been left on the internet.


Paella Catering Wiltshire

Professional Paella Chef’s cooking Your Paella.

Watch The Video’s

We have a range of Paella Videos that you may like to watch. Just follow this link to see the Video’s Now you have found the perfect catering solution for your Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event you need to secure the date before some other lucky person beats you too it!

Thank you for the visit and we hope to be serving you and your guests soon!

Paella Catering London

Paella Catering London

Paella Catering Paella Cart

Your Paella cook and serve delicious Paella’s all over the UK. We have catered for many Weddings and private party’s in the London area. The latest Wedding that we had the good fortune to cook a range of Paella’s was at The Brunel Museum. This has to be one of the strangest places we have cooked Paella in the London area.

The Wedding was host to around 100 guests and they even had Lamas attend! That was the first time that we have ever seen Lamas at a Wedding. I’m told that having Lamas at your Wedding is becoming “A thing”

We arrived in good time to set up and had been given a private address to park our vehicle as it is a very narrow street with limited parking.

The venue had allowed a bar to be placed inside the Museum and all the guests were in very good spirits.

Once we had set up we had a little time on our hands so I decided to make a short film of the Wedding venue as it was so unusual.

You can watch the video below.

If you’re looking for a great catering service with a difference, why not contact us to get a free no obligation quote. or call us on 07989079231. Your guests will be glad you did!


Paella Catering North Wales

Paella Catering North Wales.

Your Paella have cooked Paella all over the UK but some of the most beautiful areas we have been asked to cook have been in North Wales.

With it’s rolling hills and fantastic coast line North Wales has always been a favorite of ours to cook delicious Paella’s of all kinds.

Paella Catering North Wales

Paella Catering North Wales

When catering for weddings or birthdays in North Wales we are always welcomed by such friendly people and as always it’s great to get such wonderful feedback on how great tasting Your Paella is.  To be honest when we are working with such great people with some of the most spectacular views in the whole of the UK it’s not like work at all.

Book Your Paella

If you are having a special event and are looking to hire an outside catering company with a difference in North Wales or in any other part of the UK we would love to be able to give you a free no obligation quote. Booking Your Paella for a wedding, birthday or corporate event is a very easy task. Firstly you can check out the main area of our website if you click this will give you lots of information about us and you can see our famous “Paella Cart” or you can contact us directly calling 07989079231 and we will be happy to talk about your requirements.

Paella Catering

Your Paella Menu

Your Paella cook 3 main types of Paella, Mixed with Spanish chorizo sausage, breast of chicken and mixed shellfish, Meat with extra Spanish chorizo sausage and extra breast of chicken and a Vegetarian Paella that is suitable for vegans. We can also cook other types of Paella if needed.

Along with Your Paella we also offer a range of Tapas and Spanish style canapes, mixed green salads with tomato, cucumber, olives and bread butter rolls.

Deserts are also available if you would like them.

Paella Catering Wiltshire

So for your next special occasion why not give yourself a break and let Your Paella take all of the strain out of the catering allowing you to fully relax and enjoy you party!

Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes




Paella Catering Weddings.

Paella Catering for weddings.

Your Paella have been Paella catering for weddings since 2012 and know what it takes to provide the WOW factor for your wedding catering service. With the famous “Your Paella, Paella Cart” in attendance. You and your guests will be entertained with the theater that comes when “Your Paella” cook delicious tasting Paella at your wedding as the main meal or the evening meal.  

Your Paella” know that every Bride and Groom are looking for the perfect catering solution for their big day and an experience that their guests will also love and remember. “Your Paella” work very closely with the Bride and Groom or their representatives to ensure that everything goes well on the big day. This takes out the stress from the catering point of view. 

Paella Catering for Weddings Your Paella cart

Paella Catering for Weddings Your Paella cart

Paella Flavors.

Your Paellacook 4 main types of Paella. The Mixed Paella is the most popular and contains mixed de-shelled shellfish, breast of chicken and premium Spanish Chorizo sausage. The Mixed Paella is always popular at weddings and in most cases we also cook a Meat Paella that contains extra breast of chicken and extra premium Spanish Chorizo sausage. It’s not unusual for a smaller Vegetarian Paella to also be cooked and served at a wedding. The other type of Paella that can be offered is the Shellfish Paella. This contains only de-shelled shellfish. A real winner for the shellfish lovers.

Paella Catering for Weddings Your Paella Giant Prawn Starter.

Paella Catering for Weddings Your Paella Giant Prawn Starter.

Side Dishes.

Spanish style canapes are a big favorite with the wedding party and can be added to your order. “Your Paella” use various Spanish hams, cheese and tortilla to make delicious Spanish style canapes.

Spanish style canapes for weddings

Spanish style canapes for weddings

You may want to supply a mixed green salad with cucumber, tomato and olives with a bread and butter roll. No problem at all just let “Your Paella” know exactly what you are looking for on your wedding day and they are more than happy to give you a free no obligation price. Contact Us here.



Your Paellaare fully aware of all the food allergies and do what we can to minimize the impact to those that have food allergies. None of the Paella’s cooked by “Your Paella” contain dairy or nuts. We use a vegetable bouillon that states on it’s label “May Contain Traces Of Gluten” This has never caused an issue but if you need more information about this issue contactYour Paellaand they will be happy to discuss any allergen issues you or your guests may have.

You can find all the information if you visit theYour Paella main website or call 07989079231.

Client reviews.

Your Paella” have received over 60 5 Star reviews on the website. You can see them if you click here. We pride ourselves on the outstanding service we provide. When you book “Your Paella” for your Wedding Day you can be confident of the perfect taste combined with the perfect service.

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk.

Hi and welcome to our review of The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk.

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The Keeper and the Dell Norfolk

The Keeper and the Dell Norfolk

Your Paella  catered for a wedding for 100 guests at The Keeper And The Dell in September 2017. We found this event location to be of a high standard. Everything was clean and tidy even down to the gravel. The staff rake the gravel to give it a very clean and crisp look.

We had no problem with finding the venue even though it’s off the beaten track. In fact that really adds to the events charm.

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The facility’s are basic but that also adds to the overall charm. It has a really nice rustic feel that works perfectly if your looking to get married with a rustic country vibe.

As caterers we had no problem getting our equipment in to the area that was given to us and was offered refreshments which was very kind of the hosts. They also made sure we had everything we needed to perform our task and that made this event flow with no problems at all. We would be delighted to cater at this venue again!

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The whole site allows itself for all kinds of party’s with an on site marquee all ready with tables and chairs, even a relaxing area under cover to the left of the marquee under another large wooden building.

On the edge of the main area there’s a row of barn type buildings that had a small bar area, seating area and also a coffee and tea making section.

We found the staff to be efficient and friendly.

We would recommend The Keeper And The Dell for any wedding or party!

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

Ample parking was available on a large grassed area that sits above the main areas well out of site of the main area.

You can find all the information about this Wedding and Event location on their website

Hi and welcome to our review of The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk.

Hi and welcome to our review of The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk.

Hi and welcome to our review of The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk.

Hi and welcome to our review of The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk.

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

The Keeper And The Dell Wedding Venue Norfolk

Street food style catering for party’s, events and weddings.

Gary and Steve Paella chefs

Street food style catering has become very fashionable for weddings, garden party’s and events. Although some street style caterers are better than others!

So what should you be looking out for when trying to hire the catering services of a street style caterer?

The first question that needs to be answered is, “Is this a real business that has been registered with their local council and has that council given them a food health and hygiene rating?”

Its very easy to find out if that has been done, just contact the local council of the caterer and ask them or you could even ask the caterer as they will have a star rating with paperwork to show you. The star rating goes from 0 to 5. 5 is very good and 0 is bad! Here at Your Paella we hold a 5 star rating.

Food Hygiene Rating

Your Paella’s Food Hygiene Rating

So what else should we need to know before we agree to hire a street style caterer?

You should find out if the street style catering trader has public liability insurance. This is very important for a few reasons. Firstly any business that doesn’t have public liability insurance I would find very suspect. Its good business practice to hold good insurance. Another reason to check the public liability insurance is for peace of mind should something go wrong, not only for you but for the business owner too.

Paella Cart perfect for weddings, corporate and private party's.

The famous Paella Cart.

Now you have established the street style caterer has a food hygiene rating and insurance you should ask to see  some of their past clients reviews.

Don’t just take the street style caterers word that their food is the best in the world, ask if they can provide you with past clients for a review. At Your Paella we ask our past clients to write an independent review on the website and always encourage potential clients to go to and search “Your Paella” “Northants” If a street food style caterer has a good reputation they will be happy to share this with you, if not well I’m sure you can see that they may try and avoid the subject.

Now you should be better prepared to hire a street food style caterer for your special day. We at Your Paella hope you have a very successful event we are happy to give you any other information or even a free no obligation quote to serve delicious Paella’s for you and your guests. You can contact us if you click here.

Paella Chef.

Gary from Your Paella

Gary from Your Paella

Gary the Paella Chef is the proud owner and operator of his business called Your Paella

Formed in 2011 Gary and his team of Paella chef’s cover the whole of the UK providing a first class Paella catering service for any size party or corporate event. We asked Gary about some of the experience’s and useful information he can give when it comes to booking a Paella for an event.

The first question we asked was, “What is the main thing people get wrong when they book a catering service?” 

“In my experience the one thing that people seem to get wrong is the amount of food they order and not just from us. Many times we have turned up at a party and the host have booked us for say 100 guests but have also booked a Hog Roast to be served at the same time. Now that’s fine if you have 200 guests to feed but when there are 100 guests it leads to a lot of waste.

The best way to book both a Paella caterer and Hog Roast would be to have lets say the Paella for the main meal and then some time later that evening the Hog Roast. That way you won’t have the waste and your guests will be able to have food during the day and the evening too.”

Sky's Stuart Ramsay

We then asked, “what’s other types of problems have you come across that clients have had while running your business?”

“We do get a few people trying to book us last minute due to the fact that the catering company that they first booked has let them down.

Its always a good idea to get as much information about the catering company you intend to hire before you go ahead and book them.

To help our prospective clients to make a well informed decision when thinking of booking Your Paella we encourage them to read the reviews that past clients have left. We have an account with the yellow pages website and its very easy for perspective clients to read all about us. It really helps them to make a well informed decision.”

We then asked “What are the main type of events or party’s that you have catered for?”

“We get a lot of weddings, sometimes we provide the main meal with Tapas starters or canapés and desserts, that type of thing or we are booked for the evening meal. Paella is great in both cases.

We have catered for many birthday party’s,  christenings,  university balls, school sports days and of course corporate events from Audi to Amazon to name a couple. That’s one aspect of the job that I really enjoy, we are always in a different place meeting different people, it really is a fun job.” Check this site

Your Paella corporate catering.

Your Paella corporate catering.

“Do you cater at public events and shows?”

“When I first stated Your Paella we attended as many shows and public events as we could. It was the perfect way to promote our outside catering service and make some money at the same time. These days we are so busy with private events that we only attend 2 public events at the moment, the Crick Boat show and the Sandringham flower show. I even got to meet HRH Prince Charles this year at Sandringham, it was great.”

HRH The Prince of Wales meeting Gary the owner of Your Paella

HRH The Prince of Wales meeting Gary the owner of Your Paella

“What other important things should someone look for when booking any outside caterer?”

“That’s a really good question. There are a few important things that you need to know before you book any catering service. The first thing to ask would be does the catering company have public liability’s insurance? This is really important should anything go wrong. The second thing to find out is whether or not the catering company in question is registered with their local councils Food Hygiene Inspector  and what star rating do they currently hold. We have a 5 star food and hygiene rating. That’s the best you can get. Id also ask what if any reviews they have from past clients. Make sure that the reviews are genuine and open to anyone who would like to leave a review. I would also ask what time will they arrive to set up. We aim to arrive 4 hours before the serving time, this gives us a good time window if we encounter any problems with traffic on the way.”

Food Hygiene Rating

Your Paella’s Food Hygiene Rating

“So if someone has an interest in booking Your Paella, what should they do?”

“We are happy to provide a free no obligation quote. Just go to our website to check us out and if you’re interested you can fill out the simple contact form or call us on any of the phone numbers on the website. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can watch me in action in the video below”