Christmas Catering Service

Christmas Catering Service.

Your Paella offer year round Paella Catering and are available over the Christmas period to cook delicious Paella’s, Tapas and more for your next Christmas Party.

With over 100 5 Star reviews, Your Paella will be a great choice for your Christmas Catering Service.

Your Paella
Your Paella Catering Service

Christmas Catering.

If you’ve ever catered for a large number of guests for your own Christmas Party you will be aware of the time this takes and I’m sure you will also be aware that YOU end up being so busy that you miss out on the fun being had with friends and family.

Booking Your Paella not only gives you and your guests a fantastic, tasty, healthy meal, it also entertains everyone as they watch our professional Paella chef’s in action using giant Paella pans to cook Paella’s in.

This also frees up the host so they can enjoy their party with everyone else!

Indoor or Outdoor Paella Catering.

Christmas Catering outside can be a bit chilly but Your Paella can also cook delicious Paella’s in doors too!

We are often asked if we can cook Paella inside rather than being outside and the simple answer is “Yes” as we use special indoor Paella burners that are specifically designed for indoor use.

Of course we can cook Paella outside in our self contained white 3 metre x 3 metre pop up shelters.

UK Wide Paella Catering Service.

Covering the whole of the UK Your Paella with it’s team of professional Paella Chef’s are ready to come and make your next Party one to remember.

Paella Catering with a UK wide service
Paella Catering with a UK wide service

Contact Us

For more information on the Paella Catering we can offer you, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to give you all the information you need. Then you can rest assured your next Party will be one to remember and it won’t break the bank! Call us now on 07989 079 231 or use our online contact form.

Paella Corporate Catering Peterborough

Paella Corporate Catering Peterborough

Your Paella Paella Corporate Catering Peterborough
Your Paella Catering Service

Corporate Catering with Your Paella.

Your Paella recently had a return visit to one of our corporate clients from 10 years ago.

We helped Masteroast of Perterborough celebrate their 30 year anniversary and were invite back 10 years later to once again cook our delicious Paella’s for their 40th anniversary.

What Paella’s

The VIP guests had a choice of a Mixed Paella that was made with Spanish Chorizo sausage, breast of chicken and mixed shellfish that was de-shelled. A Meat Paella that had extra Spanish Chorizo sausage and chicken breast. A Vegan Paella that contained seasonal vegetables.

Other Caterers on site

Due to the very large number of VIP guests at the event and the fact that many had traveled from other countries other caterers we also on hand to cook and serve their delicious offerings.

As a perk of the job I had the opportunity to sample some of the other caterers food.

I first tried the Mexican food from a company called El Ajolote I have to say it was delicious and they are a wonderful small family run business. If you’re looking for Mexican food this would be a good choice.

I also tried the amazing flavors of a Vegan catering company called Khushee. They provide plant based Indian food and once again it was fantastic!

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to sample the other caterers that were also attending the event.


Supply the various drinks was a wonderful company called Lovetag Events. I have to say a big thank you to them for giving me some well deserved cold beer! It always helps when I’m cooking lol and it’s even tastier when it’s free!


The VIP guests were entertained by a fabulous Jazz Band called Cambridge Jazz Co. They really did provide some fantastic sounds throughout the whole event. You can listen to them playing in the short video below.

Watch a our short video of the event.

Book Your Paella

If you’re looking for a Paella catering service for your Corporate Event, Wedding or Private Party, why not contact us today and we will be happy to give you a price for our Paella Catering Service.

Call Us

You can call us on 07989 079 231 we are more than happy to discuss your individual needs.

Paella Catering You Can Depend Upon.

Paella Catering You Can Depend Upon.

Your Paella The UK’s Favorite Paella Catering Company.

We Will Never Let You Down.

Your Paella Catering you can depend upon. As you are aware it has been a very tough couple of years. With Government lock-downs and people unable to come together in large groups the outside catering industry was hit hard.

Thankfully, Your Paella weathered the storm and are back to what we do best, cook fantastic Paella’s and tapas for Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Party’s.

It’s been very busy during the 2021 season and at last the business is thriving again.

Providing delicious Paellas is exactly what we do.

Paella Catering You Can Depend Upon.

Even before the pandemic crisis we had calls from potential clients that were very keen to book our Paella Catering Service at the last minute. This was due to the fact that the company that they had hired to cater at their event cancelled at the last moment!

Unfortunately in almost all cases we were already committed to providing our outside Paella Catering Service and were unable to help.

Paella_Catering_London (3)
Paella Party Catering.

A Guaranteed Service.

The high quality reputation that we have established in very important to us.

If you have secured our services you are locked in.

If we are offered a bigger and more financially rewarding proposition on your booked date we will not cancel you’re booking.

Your booking is totally secure with Your Paella your date is safe and secure, ALWAYS!

After Your Paella, Delicious Steak Burgers with Cheese.

Contact Us With Confidence.

You can call us now on 07989 079 231 and we will happily discuss your individual needs.

With 10 years Paella Catering experience and over 100 5 star online reviews you can be sure of the perfect catering service for your Wedding, Corporate Event or Private Party.

Paella Cart
The Your Paella Cart.

Corporate Catering UK Wide

Corporate Catering UK Wide.

Paella Catering at Corporate Events UK Wide.

Paella Catering Specialists For Corporate Events.

Your Paella have 10 years experience catering for Corporate Events throughout the UK.

We understand that your Corporate image is very important and getting the correct outside catering service reflects on your company so it needs to be right.

Your Paella have catered for many top name international company’s and a lot of small businesses too. We have catered for Google, Holiday Inn group, Audi, Procter & Gamble and many more.

Providing your VIP guests quality catering is assured when you choose Your Paella for your next Corporate Event. Not only will your guests be wowed while watching Your Paella being cooked on site they will also be impressed by “the theater” that comes with Your Paella making the whole experience a very tasty and memorable one!

Paella Catering for groups from 50 to thousands, Your Paella will be the perfect choice. Read some of our past clients reviews on Google.

If you would like to find out more, go to our main website. Your Paella.

Call us on 07989 079 231