Thank You To All Of Our Past Paella Catering Clients

Thank You To All Of Our Past Paella Catering Clients

It certainly has been a challenging couple of years for all of us.

Thankfully our Paella Catering business not only survived, it also thrived!

Covid 19 and Lockdown

As you may be aware many businesses where unable to trade due to harsh Government enforcement with the Lockdowns. As a Paella Catering business we too were unable to fulfill our clients bookings.

Even during the Lockdowns we were still taking bookings for Weddings, Private Party’s and a few Corporate Events.

Managing Bookings

As we had so much uncertainty with the ever changing situation, it was at times tricky to shift all the bookings around to accommodate not only us but also our clients and all the other suppliers they may have booked.

Thankfully once the storm of Covid and the Lockdowns and restrictions eased, it was business as usual!

As you can imagine it was a very busy season for us at Your Paella and it was great to be back cooking our delicious Paella’s, Tapas, salads and more at all of the events.

Moving Forward

Looking forward to 2022 we have already secured many Weddings and Party’s to cater for and we intend to expand our team as we are in such high demand.

Book Your Paella

If you are looking for Paella Catering that you can depend upon no matter what the situation, booking Your Paella will be the perfect choice. Contact Us today through the website or call us on 07989079231. Trust me, you and your guests will be glad you did.

Finally, we once again would like to thank all of our past clients and hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! We also hope that 2022 is a great, happy and prosperous New Year for EVERYONE!

Paella Catering You Can Depend Upon.

Paella Catering You Can Depend Upon.

Your Paella The UK’s Favorite Paella Catering Company.

We Will Never Let You Down.

Your Paella Catering you can depend upon. As you are aware it has been a very tough couple of years. With Government lock-downs and people unable to come together in large groups the outside catering industry was hit hard.

Thankfully, Your Paella weathered the storm and are back to what we do best, cook fantastic Paella’s and tapas for Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Party’s.

It’s been very busy during the 2021 season and at last the business is thriving again.

Providing delicious Paellas is exactly what we do.

Paella Catering You Can Depend Upon.

Even before the pandemic crisis we had calls from potential clients that were very keen to book our Paella Catering Service at the last minute. This was due to the fact that the company that they had hired to cater at their event cancelled at the last moment!

Unfortunately in almost all cases we were already committed to providing our outside Paella Catering Service and were unable to help.

Paella_Catering_London (3)
Paella Party Catering.

A Guaranteed Service.

The high quality reputation that we have established in very important to us.

If you have secured our services you are locked in.

If we are offered a bigger and more financially rewarding proposition on your booked date we will not cancel you’re booking.

Your booking is totally secure with Your Paella your date is safe and secure, ALWAYS!

After Your Paella, Delicious Steak Burgers with Cheese.

Contact Us With Confidence.

You can call us now on 07989 079 231 and we will happily discuss your individual needs.

With 10 years Paella Catering experience and over 100 5 star online reviews you can be sure of the perfect catering service for your Wedding, Corporate Event or Private Party.

Paella Cart
The Your Paella Cart.

Paella Weddings are back.

Paella Weddings are BACK! Well it’s been over a year where we haven’t been able to cook our fantastic Paella’s at your Wedding, Private party or corporate event. But now it seems to be all coming back at last!

Don’t miss out, be sure to book Your Paella for your Wedding!

We have already started to provide our Paella Catering Service to larger weddings and it’s been wonderful to be back with you all! Seeing everyone having such a great time really makes it all worth it and once again all your kind comments on how great Your Paella tastes is very welcome.

I look forward to Paella Catering for many many more of you going forward!


Paella Catering

Paella Wedding Catering

Paella Catering Season is once again with us and it’s going to be great to get back out Paella Catering at all of the fantastic party’s. It’s been far too long away from such fun!

Well as you are fully aware it’s been a very hard year but hopefully that will all be behind us very soon!

We are still receiving many inquires for our Paella Catering Service. We have also still been taking bookings for Weddings and Party’s across the UK.

We really are looking forward to getting back to it and serving you and your guests some great tasting Paella’s!

Can’t wait to see you all,

Kind regards,

Gary Evans.

Paella Party Catering.

Paella Party Catering.

Paella Party Catering has become all the rage and for many good reasons.

For your next party choose Paella it’s healthy, cost effective, entertaining and very versatile. Your Paella cook and serve delicious Paella’s all over the UK for Party’s, Weddings and Corporate Events.

Make the most of your party by hiring in the Paella Catering Service. This will allow you to enjoy the Party with your guests and take a lot of stress out of what should be a fun filled day or evening for you as well as your very important guest.

Paella Wedding Catering

The famous “Paella Cart” at a Wedding

A Unique Catering Experience.

Hosting a successful party has many factors. One of the factors that can be over looked is the food that is offered to your guests with Your Paella offer a unique Paella Catering Service.

With the aid of the famous “Paella Cart” that is totally unique to Your Paella.

Your guests will not only watch Your Paella cook their meal they will also serve it to them from the “Paella Cart” and in many cases even interact with the professional Paella chef as they cook Your Paella.

Paella Party Catering

Paella Party Catering

More Than Just Paella.

Your Paella offer much more than just fantastic tasting Paella’s.

You can add various Tapas, hot and cold. Salads with bread butter rolls, a wide selection of mouth watering desserts.

For Weddings a great option is to offer Spanish style canapes. Always a favorite with the Wedding party.

Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes

Get More Information.

Contact Your Paella today if you would like a free no obligation quote. Call us on 07989 079 231 for an immediate response.

Watch a video of Your Paella in action below. Watch all of Your Paella’s videos here.

Paella Party Catering

Paella Party Catering.

Paella Party Catering is one of the best types of Party catering and has become very popular across the UK.

So why is Paella such a great choice for your Party?

Well first of all it can be very cost effective when comparing what it could cost you if you’re thinking of doing the catering. Not only will you have to go out and get all of the necessary food from various supermarkets and stores you then have to get it all cooked on the day.

Paella Party Catering UK Wide Service

Paella Party Catering UK Wide Service

Time Is Money.

So you spent a day or two getting all the ingredients, now you have all the stress of cooking for a large group of your family and friends and you really don’t want to get it wrong now do you?

Just think of all the time you could save if you employ the services of a professional Paella caterer.

Can You Enjoy Your Party If You Are So Busy?

Now all your very important guests have arrived and you really have no time to relax and enjoy your party because you just have too many other things to do that will ensure everyone has some great food at your party.

This sound like fun to you? No me neither.

Paella Party Catering

Paella Party Catering

The stress Free Paella Party Catering Solution.

Your Paella have been cooking and serving great tasting and healthy Paella’s all over the UK since 2011. With over 100 5 Star reviews online they can give you the perfect Paella Party Catering Service at a very cost effective price.

So how can they be so cost effective?

It’s really simple, because cooking Paella at Party’s, Weddings and Corporate Events is all Your Paella do they have everything in place from ingredients, Paella Cooking equipment, bowls, forks and so on and they buy wholesale so the cost of their ingredients has a good saving compared to a general member of the public that doesn’t have access to these wholesalers.

Mixed green salad with tomato, cucumber and olives.

Mixed green salad with tomato, cucumber and olives.

What other reasons are there to Book a Paella Party Catering Service?

If you book Your Paella to cater for your Party not only will you be able to enjoy your party with the friends and family, it will also be stress free!

You and your very important guests will really enjoy watching Your Paella cook delicious Paella’s in front of them and with the added attraction of the famous Paella Cart that is totally unique to Your Paella enjoying a theatrical cooking and serving experience that they have not seen before.

Party Paella Catering

Party Paella Catering

Get More Information.

Now you have found the perfect Paella Party Catering Service why not Contact Us to get any other information or even a free no obligation quote? You can visit our main website or call us direct on 07989 079 231. You may like to watch a short video of Your Paella in action. You can see the video below and watch even more of the Your Paella videos here.

Paella Catering for Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events.

Paella Catering for Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events.

If you’re looking for Paella Catering at a Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event you have landed on the right website.

Your Paella catering service offers a totally unique catering experience for you and those very important guests. It’s so important to offer your guests more than just food. When you use Your Paella to cater at your Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event the guests will be wowed by the sight and smells of delicious Paella’s being cooked in full view. With the use of the unique “Paella Cart” Your Paella put on a great show and at the end provide you and your guests with delicious, healthy Paella.

Paella Catering

The famous “Paella Cart”

UK Wide Coverage.

Your Paella offer their Paella Catering service across the whole of the UK. Based in Northamptonshire and South Yorkshire we have the whole of the UK covered.

Your Paella offer Spanish Style Canapes, hot and cold Tapas, Salads, breads and of course fantastic tasting Paella’s.

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

How Much Will It Cost?

The price depends on many factors. Where will the Event take place? How many guests do you want to cater for? Do you want to supply more than Paella? The fact is the best way to find out what the cost for your event will be to contact us or call us on 07989079231. We are always happy to provide our perspective clients a free no obligation price.

Read Past Clients Reviews.

Don’t just take our word for how great the Your Paella Catering Service is, you can read some of our past clients reviews if you follow this link, once you are on that page you can click on each review to see where it’s been left on the internet.


Paella Catering Wiltshire

Professional Paella Chef’s cooking Your Paella.

Watch The Video’s

We have a range of Paella Videos that you may like to watch. Just follow this link to see the Video’s Now you have found the perfect catering solution for your Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event you need to secure the date before some other lucky person beats you too it!

Thank you for the visit and we hope to be serving you and your guests soon!

Paella Catering Derbyshire.

Paella Catering Derbyshire.

Your Paella recently catered for a Wedding in Derbyshire.

The Bride and Groom had chosen a totally Vegetarian menu for their big day. As always we arrived in good time to prepare all of the food that was ordered for the wedding.

The location for the wedding was stunning. The Bride and Groom had hired a huge Tipi from Sami Tipi and it looked amazing! The Tipi was facing a beautiful lake and the sunshine really added to the whole wedding day.

The Wedding Paella Menu.

Upon arrival the wedding guests were given a nice glass of bubbly and inside the Tipi we have put together a selection of fine Spanish cheeses with a selection of crackers. We also supplied Spanish Tortilla cut in to cake slices. This was the perfect choice as the wedding asked us to cater solely for vegetarians. Beef tomato on french stick bread with a little onion and a dash of extra virgin olive oil was a simple yet refreshing bite on a hot sunny day.

Spanish Cheeses with Spanish Tortilla and Beef Tomato on bread

Spanish Cheeses with Spanish Tortilla and Beef Tomato on bread

We also cooked a hot Tapas of Potatas Bravas. The Bride had asked us not to make it too spicy and as we made the Potatas Bravas sauce this wasn’t a problem. Again the perfect choice for Vegetarians.

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

We then cooked a delicious Vegetarian Paella for the main meal. As usual we had our famous “Paella Cart” in attendance and this really wowed the wedding guests.

Vegetarian Paella for a Wedding

Vegetarian Paella for a Wedding

Book Your Paella.

If you are looking to hire a Paella Caterer you can contact us and we will be more than happy to give you a free no obligation quote. With over 80 5 STAR reviews online you can be sure of the perfect Paella Catering Service you are looking for.

A Short Video Of The Day.





Paella Catering North Wales

Paella Catering North Wales.

Your Paella have cooked Paella all over the UK but some of the most beautiful areas we have been asked to cook have been in North Wales.

With it’s rolling hills and fantastic coast line North Wales has always been a favorite of ours to cook delicious Paella’s of all kinds.

Paella Catering North Wales

Paella Catering North Wales

When catering for weddings or birthdays in North Wales we are always welcomed by such friendly people and as always it’s great to get such wonderful feedback on how great tasting Your Paella is.  To be honest when we are working with such great people with some of the most spectacular views in the whole of the UK it’s not like work at all.

Book Your Paella

If you are having a special event and are looking to hire an outside catering company with a difference in North Wales or in any other part of the UK we would love to be able to give you a free no obligation quote. Booking Your Paella for a wedding, birthday or corporate event is a very easy task. Firstly you can check out the main area of our website if you click this will give you lots of information about us and you can see our famous “Paella Cart” or you can contact us directly calling 07989079231 and we will be happy to talk about your requirements.

Paella Catering

Your Paella Menu

Your Paella cook 3 main types of Paella, Mixed with Spanish chorizo sausage, breast of chicken and mixed shellfish, Meat with extra Spanish chorizo sausage and extra breast of chicken and a Vegetarian Paella that is suitable for vegans. We can also cook other types of Paella if needed.

Along with Your Paella we also offer a range of Tapas and Spanish style canapes, mixed green salads with tomato, cucumber, olives and bread butter rolls.

Deserts are also available if you would like them.

Paella Catering Wiltshire

So for your next special occasion why not give yourself a break and let Your Paella take all of the strain out of the catering allowing you to fully relax and enjoy you party!

Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes




Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering in the UK is big business and there are a lot of wedding catering options to choose from, so it makes sense to shop around for the perfect wedding catering service for your big day.

It’s true that as soon as you mention the fact that you want a catering service for your wedding many caterers and wedding venues will put the price up just because it’s catering for a wedding.

At Your Paella we give you the price for our service and never charge more just because it’s catering for a wedding.

Paella Catering Cambridgeshire

Wedding Catering With A Difference.

Paella wedding catering can really offer you so much more than the standard meat and 2 veg option.

When your guests see the huge Paella pans sitting on top of the famous Your Paella “Paella Cart” the excitement begins to rise. Then they have the added bonus of watching professional Paella chef’s cooking delicious Paellas in front of their very eyes.

The aromas of high quality Spanish chorizo sausage start to fill the air as the chorizo starts to sizzle in the hot extra virgin olive oil.

Then the loud frying sound as the onion is poured into the large Paella pans is a head turner adding even more mouth watering aroma in the air.

As the Paella chef continues to ad more ingredients to the large Paella pans your guests can be served Spanish style canapes. These bite size canapes are just enough to bring your guests appetite to the front of their mind and by now the Paella’s are bubbling away sending even more delicious aromas in to the air around them.


Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes

The whole Paella wedding catering experience, with it’s cooking theater in full swing will really wow you and your guests. All this excitement before you have even tasted Your Paella!

Now the time has come and Your Paella is now ready to be served from the Your Paella “Paella Cart” by the uniformed Paella chef that has been cooking with great ease and skill.

Paella wedding catering with Your Paella really is something you and your guests will remember.

Get A Free Quote Today.

If you’re interested in giving your guests something that is cost effective, healthy, tasty and entertaining at your wedding you can contact us or call 07989079231 and we will be more than happy to give you any advice you would like.