Paella Man!

Yep, that’s what many people call me, “Paella Man!” and with good reason. I really am the Paella man. I own and operate the outside catering company called Your Paella.

Gary From Your Paella

Gary From Your Paella

I started cooking delicious Paella when I was living in the Costa Del Sol, southern Spain. I really enjoy cooking Your Paella and receiving really nice comments about how its presented and how it has a fantastic taste! You can read some of our past clients reviews just click here.

We cook all the types of Your Paella on our famous Paella Cart. It really has the wow factor and our clients and their guests love to watch us cook on the Paella Cart.

Your Paella's famous Paella Cart. Perfect for any party!

Your Paella’s famous Paella Cart. Perfect for any party!

Although I started from humble beginning’s, the company has fast become the preferred choice for outside catering Paella. So much so that there are now more than just one Paella Man, we now have “Paella Men!” and the menu we now offer has so much more than the Paella that I started with.

Because our clients wanted more than Your Paella we have now started providing delicious tapas as part of our service.

So the next time you or someone you know is thinking of hiring an outside catering company, take a moment to think of “The Paella Man!” Just visit for much more information.

Paella Men, Paella chef's of Your Paella

Paella Men, Paella chef’s of Your Paella


Paella party season.

We have just cooked Paella at this seasons first private party!

The weather was fantastic and the Paella was very tasty. In fact, a guest at the party told us that he and his wife have travelled extensively throughout Spain and have eaten many Paella’s while there.

I was overjoyed when the gentleman in question said “Well that is THE best Paella I have ever tasted!”  He then took a photo of me with the Paella and informed me that he was going to send it to his Spanish chef friend who lives in Spain and tell him that he has just eaten the best Paella ever and that it was in the UK!

Gary and Paella Teddy!

Gary and Paella Teddy!

So there we have it, Your Paella cook and serve the best Paella’s in the whole of the UK! 🙂

If you would like to book Your Paella for your next party or event, private or corporate visit the website for more information.

Paella becomes the new wedding fashion.


Paella is fast becoming all the fashion when it comes to the wedding breakfast. When Your Paella set up our company, most of the bookings for weddings were for us to come along and cook our delicious Paella’s as the evening meal for all the wedding party and the extra evening guests.

Cooking Paella

Although that is still a large part of our business, the trend for wedding catering services seems to be going towards Paella as the main sit-down meal.

We are receiving substantially more enquires for Your Paella to provide a full menu from canapés to tapas selections, all the way through to the Paella and desserts than ever before.

Spanish meats

Of course budgets vary according to each weddings requirements, but on a like for like basis, booking Your Paella as the main wedding caterer can save a great deal of money while providing a first class product with a first class service.

So how can you save money when your planning your wedding day meal? Rather than let us hire all of the necessary china and cutlery, you could do this yourself.

Get a local hire company to provide you with all the plates, bowls etc. This way you will get the style you want and save a good amount of money by not paying the caterer to do this for you.


Another way you could save money is by hiring your own waiting staff. Again this can save you a lot of money by taking this out of the hands of the caterer and doing it yourself.

You can check out Your Paella here and they will be happy to supply you with a no obligation free quote.


Bedfordshire Steam Rally 2013

Hi everyone and welcome to the Your Paella Blog.

As you can see we don’t just blog about Your Paella!

As a mobile Paella catering company we attend many public events and shows, one of the really good shows is Bedfordshire Steam Rally that’s held in a beautiful setting at Old Warden, Bedfordshire.

They have so many fantastic steam engines and not only can you look at them all lined up but they actually drive them all around the show! Its a fantastic day out, or even a weekend if your a real enthusiast.

Below you will find some images we took in between serving Your Paella. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did taken them.

If your looking for a Paella catering company for your public event or private party contact us today or visit our website

Just click on the image to view full size.

Paella Chef.

Paella chef’s working hard to cook over 100 portions of Paella at a private party.

Cooking Paella

The party was based on an outdoor picnic and the Paella chef’s found it to be a great success with all the guests, young and old alike. As a Paella chef I see many different types of party and I really do enjoy cooking Paella at all of them.

Paella Picnic

Paella chefs cooking delicious Paella for a fantastic Picnic.


As you can see from the photos of the Paella party, it has a very relaxed and intimate feel to it. That is exactly what the hosts were aiming for.

These days outdoor party’s are becoming more popular than ever and many people are tuning to professional Paella Chef’s to provide a great tasting, healthy alternative for the main hot food.

Paella is such a versatile dish and Paella chef’s can cook various types of Paella to suit all of the guests. are specialists in the Paella catering field. Unlike many caterers Your Paella only cook Paella (and Spanish Tapas) and this is a major factor in the success of Your Paella. All the Paella Chef’s are trained to the highest standards and the main goal is to cook fantastic tasting Paella for you and your guests time after time.

Paella house party

Paella house party