Funeral Catering Service

If your interested in Your Paella to come along to a funeral and provide funeral catering, then please contact us.

Just as funerals are becoming more different and sometimes quirky, so can the funeral catering. Gone are the days where everything has to be so formal.

Your Paella are able to come along as funeral caterers and cook hot delicious Paella for all the guests from just *£8.50per head.

Your Paella can also come and cook Your Paella and leave it with you so the guests can help themselves, or we can stay and serve your guests.

Spanish Ham and Goats Cheese used as a Tapa.

Ham and Cheese Tapas

Your Paella can also supply Spanish style Tapas and single serving dessert.

Olive Tapa

Spanish Tapas

Your Paella are more than happy to discuss your individual needs and provide the funeral catering service for you.

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Paella Party

If your thinking of having a Paella Party, your in the right place! Paella at a party is a great choice and here are some of the questions that Your Paella have been asked when perspective clients have called for more information.

Paella party catering

Serving fresh cooked Paella at a party or event.

We asked Gary, the owner of Your Paella what common questions are asked when people contact Your Paella?

One of the first things to be asked is “How much is it to hire Your Paella for a party?” This question has a lot of variables. What Your Paella have done is to work out a general cost based on 100 portions of delicious Your Paella. This has made it a lot easier and clearer for our normal clients, who in most cases are looking to hire a Paella catering company to cook for 100+ guests. So if your in our price band area number 1. Then the cost is £600.00 or just £7.50 per head. (You can find your price band here)

Perfect Paella

The next question asked is “What types of Paella will you supply at the £8.50 per head price?” This will depend on a couple of things. Lets first say that the client would like 100 portions of Your Paellawe can cook one Paella pan full of 50 portions of a “Mixed Paella” & 50 portions in the other Paella pan of a “Meat Paella” or a “Vegetable Paella” . We can also cook both Paella pans (50 portions in each) with the same Paella, ie. all “Mixed Paella.” The choice is the clients, but the good news is, the price will stay the same.

Below is an image of the Your Paella Paella cart. This comes to your Paella Party and the 2 large Paella pans are on top, ready to cook Your Paella!

Your Paella's famous Paella Cart. Perfect for any party!

Your Paella’s famous Paella Cart. Perfect for any party!

Another question we are asked is, “Will you bring the Paella cart (above) and everything needed to cook Your Paella?” The answer is “Yes” As you see the Paella cart above is how you will have Your Paella cooked at your Paella Party. Its all part of the £8.50 per head price. Based on our example above of 100 portions booked in price band 1. If we are serving at night we will need access to an electrical point to plug in our lights. Other than that we have everything we need.

A common question we are asked is ” I want to hold a Paella Party for 20 or 25 guests. Can you still come and cook Your Paella for me?”  Again the answer is “Yes” although if we are to bring the Paella cart and everything that comes with it (below) it will cost more than £8.50 per head. This is due to the fact that its the same amount of work to bring the Paella cart and set up to cook 100 portions as it is to cook 20 or 25 portions etc. Lets say we only need to cook 20 portions of Your Paella. Again we can cook the Paella of the clients choice, but we don’t need to bring so much stuff to achieve this. All we would need in this case is a Paella pan with its burner, the gas bottle and the ingredients. We can then cook Your Paella in your kitchen, or another suitable place. This will keep the cost down. If our client wants the Paella cart and is happy to pay for it then that’s fine and we will bring it.

Your Paella corporate catering.

Your Paella corporate catering.


Another common question we are asked is “I want 100 portions of Your Paella, a “Mixed Paella” but I have a few Vegetarians coming to my Paella Party. What can we provide for them?” What we recommend is “Potatas Bravas” or in English “Spicy Potato” Now you may have tried this before, but we make this to our own recipe and make the source from scratch. Its a real winner with the vegetarians and we can provide this on the side for a minimum of 10 portions, again at just £8.50 per portion!

Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes

Of course we can provide a “Bespoke” service if needed, but its always best to contact us to discuss individual requirements. We are more than happy to help you have the best Paella Party Ever!

Spanish Ham and Goats Cheese used as a Tapa.

Ham and Cheese Tapas

You can find much more information on the website or though out the rest of this Blog.


Paella Catering Company

When your looking for a great Paella Catering Company, take a moment to checkout Arguably the best for taste and value in the whole of the UK!

Paella cart set and ready to cook

Your Paella, the Paella Catering Company cover the whole of the UK. Their prices start from just £8.50 per head if you are lucky enough to live within Band 1. on the UK map. You can check to see what Band you live in to help workout the cost of hiring Your Paella for your next special occasion  Maybe a Birthday party or a wedding? Just Click Here to find what Band you live in.

Nationwide Paella Catering Service

Nationwide Paella Catering Service


Whatever the occasion Your Paella are the perfect solution to your outside catering needs.

The average cost of hiring Your Paella is between *£850.00 to *£1000.00 depending on the amount of Paella to be cooked and the location of the party. *The prices above are based on at least 100 portions being cooked and cover most of the UK although other factors can have an affect on pricing. The easy way to get a price for your event or party is to Contact Your Paella. They will be more than happy to give you a no obligation quote for free.

Green and Black Olives

Green and Black Olives

Your Paella also offer “Tapas” and mixed green salad to accompany the Paella. At the time of typing this article, the cost of a mixed green salad with Tomato, Cucumber, Olives, Bread roll with butter comes in at just £2.50 per head! I’m sure you will agree that, that’s great value for money! They can even supply a range of single serving desserts @£3.50 per head!

Your Paella dessert range

Your Dessert

You can see the range of dessert’s if you Click Here.

So now you know who and what  Your Paella can bring to your party, why not Contact them today a give your guests that bit extra? Why not give them, Your Paella!

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