Paella Catering in Devon

Paella Catering in Devon and Cornwall.

Paella Catering in Devon and Cornwall is always great fun for us at Your Paella. Why’s that I here you ask? Well not only do we get out of the built up towns and city’s but on the whole we get to see the beautiful coast line and in many cases we have even set up and cooked in some absolutely beautiful scenery.

Paella Catering Cornwall

As you can see from the image above, it’s wonderful for us to cook delicious Paella with this kind of coastal view.

Even though it’s a long drive it’s always worth it. To see the happy expression on the guests faces as they watch Your Paella cooking in such huge Paella pans on top of our unique “Paella Cart

Then to hear them comment on how great the aromas are coming from our small white pop up tent that we cook and serve from. It’s even more satisfying for us to hear how great tasting Your Paella is!

Wedding Paella catering

Wedding Paella catering

Wedding Paella

All of the Paella Catering that we have done in the Devon and Cornwall area have been for weddings but that doesn’t mean that we can’t cater for a party or corporate event in Devon or Cornwall. Far from it, we are more than happy to travel to your party or corporate event and wow you and your guests with Your Paella.


Paella Catering in Cornwall

Paella Catering in Cornwall

Book Your Paella for your special day.

If you are interested in providing great food with a touch of Theatre for your next party or any special occasion, please do contact us as we are happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote.

No matter where you are in the UK Your Paella can come and cook amazing Paella’s at a great price! Thank you for visiting. You can check out our main website here

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