Website Offline.

Our Website Went Offline.

We had a real shock the other day when we found our Website Offline.

I had a call from the guys that host our website and I was informed that they had one of their server hacked!

This wasn’t good, especially as it’s just turned Spring and we get a lot of our bookings at this time of year and through the Summer.

Thankfully, the tech guys got to work and sorted out the problem.

Out Of Our Control.

In the very rare circumstance that our website is offline, it will be one of two issues.

Maintenance to the site.

Server issues.

If it’s a server issue, we really have no control over this.

Still In Business.

We are still in the Paella Catering Business, so don’t worry.

If You would like to secure a booking, or just want more information, you can visit the main website or call us on 07989079231


Paella Catering Specialist

Paella Catering Specialist.

If you are searching for a Paella Catering Specialist, you’re in the right place.

We have over 11 years Paella Catering experience cooking great tasting Paella’s at Weddings, Party’s and Corporate Events.

UK Wide Service.

Our Paella Catering Service is available throughout the whole of the UK.

We will arrive in good time to set up and be ready to cook our amazing Paella’s for you and your guests in full view.

With our unique Paella Cart to cook and serve from, you and your guests will truly receive a Paella Catering Service that will not only provide great food but also entertain.

The Paella Cart.

Most other Paella Catering Specialists use Paella pans that sit upon a tripod stand.

The Paella stands are great for holding large Paella pans to cook Paella in.

We on the other hand go a few steps further to add to the party atmosphere with our Paella Cart.

Using the Paella Cart really gives the whole catering experience the added WOW factor.


Prices start from just £10.00 per head.

This price is based upon a minimum of 100 servings and is also dependent on the event location.

Other factors can also change this price.

Contact Us now to get a FREE no obligation quote. We are always happy to help you create the perfect catering experience.

Environmental Concerns.

As a Paella Catering Specialist I know how important it is to be environmentally friendly as possible.

We have an option to have Your Paella served in reusable black metal single serving Paella pans.

Our experience has shown that many of our clients prefer this option rather than disposable bowls.

Much of the waste from preparing the food is placed in our composting area on our allotment. It’s the perfect way to recycle our waste.

Contact Us.

It’s really easy to make a booking with us. Simply click here to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your next event. You can also call us directly on 07989 079 231.

Wedding Anniversary Party Catering.

Wedding Anniversary Party Catering.

You got married and had a fantastic party with your friends and family.

Now you’re getting ready to celebrate a wonderful Wedding Anniversary.

Make the very most of this special occasion and let Your Paella provide your Wedding Anniversary Party Catering.

A Wedding Anniversary To Remember.

Some say that a Wedding Anniversary is as, if not more important than your Wedding day.

The dedication and long term commitment to each other can not be overstated, especially when so many marriages don’t stand the test of time.

Now it’s time to celebrate your Anniversary and what better way than to once again make this very special day with a great party?

When Your Paella provide their delicious, healthy and cost effective catering, you can be sure that the party will be one to remember.

Over 11 Years Wedding Catering Experience.

With over 11 years catering experience for Weddings, Anniversary’s, Private Party’s and Corporate Events, you can trust us to provide a catering experience like no other.

With our unique Paella Cart to cook and serve from, your V.I.P guests will really enjoy the theater of watching uniformed Paella chefs cook fantastic tasting Paella’s.

We have catered at party’s and Corporate Events all over the UK. This includes many household names such as Google, Audi, Procter and Gamble and more.

Indoor Or Outdoor Catering Service.

With our specialist equipment that allows us to cook fantastic Paella indoors or outside using our pop-up shelters, your next party venue is not limited on the food that you can offer your guests.

On average we cater for party’s from 50 to many hundreds of guests.

Catering for all kinds of Party’s and Events throughout the year. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. Your Paella are happy to provide catering services whatever the time of year.

Prices and Menu’s To Match Your Budget.

When it comes to Party Catering, no two part’s are the same. With that in mind, flexibility is very important.

Offering a range of menu’s to match your budget is our aim.

Understanding our clients needs is a very important part of the process. This is why we are more than happy to discuss the individual needs of our clients.

Contact Us.

For more information, or to secure a booking, you can Contact Us directly using our online form or by calling us on 07989 079 231 where we will be happy to talk over your requirements.

Here Comes The Summer!

Here Comes The Summer!

Time for outside partying and that means OUTSIDE CATERING.

It’s like the winter was going on forever.

At last spring is arriving and summer will be with us all once again!

As a Paella catering company that serves it’s clients thought out the UK we really look forward to the change in the seasons so we can get back to doing what we do best. Cook delicious Paella’s at Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events.

Choosing An Outside Catering Company.

If you are hosting any type of gathering and require the professional services provided by an outside catering company, then Your Paella just may be the perfect solution.

Covering the whole of the UK, we can provide Paella, tapas, Spanish style canapes, and more for you and your guests.

Our famous Paella Cart (image above) is exclusive to Your Paella. It really adds to the Wow factor of any event.

Large Or Small Events Catered for.

We find ourselves outside catering and all kinds of party’s.

Some are huge weddings with 200 guests that require Paella’s tapas, salads, bread rolls and Spanish style canapes.

Other party’s can be a smaller and require less food.

In any event, Your Paella are happy to cater for your next party, large or small though out the UK.

Contact Us.

Now is the perfect time to secure our outside catering services.

Just Click here and you will be directed to our main website. Then call us or fill out our online contact form.

Your guests will be very happy that you did.



Having A Party? Why Not Choose Paella?

If you are getting Married or intending on having a party to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Corporate event or in fact for any reason Paella is a great, delicious and healthy way to feed all of your guests.

If you’re hosting a party, it can be a bit of a task cooking food for 50, 100 or more guests.

Why Stress Out?

Hiring the services of professional outside caterers could be the solution to remove some of the stress when organizing a party where you intend to treat all of the guests to some delicious food.

It really is a good idea to get outside help.

Rather than rushing around buying all that’s needed to provide your guests with food, then having to cook for far larger numbers that you may be used to, it makes perfect sense to call in the outside catering experts.

Enjoy Your Party.

We are here to serve you. Don’t worry about getting everything organised. Let us take the weight. It gives you the time and freedom to host your party and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Should You Choose A Paella Caterer For Your Party?

Simple, YES! Paella is a wonderful way to feed your guests. We create Paella’s full of flavor.

By choosing us, your party food will be full of amazing aromas and a healthy option too!

Now I want Paella, Who Do I Get?

With over 11 years Paella Catering experience and over 100 5 Star online reviews you can be assured that your party will be a great success.

Contact Us.

It’s a really simple process to get all of your catering needs arranged. Just go to our website and fill out a small contact form.

Give us a call on 07989 079 231 and we will guide you along and answer any questions you may have.

It really is that simple.

Do You Cover My Area?

If you are hosting your party in the UK we cover your area. We are a nationwide catering business.

Fun and Colorful Wedding and Party Catering.

Fun, Colorful Wedding and Party Catering.

Want Fun Colorful Catering? Weddings and Party’s are almost always very colorful affairs. So why should the catering be less colorful?

Paella Catering.

When you need a catering company to cook wonderful, healthy and delicious food, you can be sure that Your Paella, the Paella Wedding Catering professionals will fit perfectly!

With the use of the unique and colorful Paella Cart at your Wedding or Party you will have a fantastic catering experience that hugely helps with the overall Party atmosphere.

Fun and Affordable Wedding Catering.

Weddings are known to be a very expensive day. Most catering company’s charge a higher rate once they know it’s for a Wedding.

We charge the same rate, no matter the reason for our Paella Catering Service. Weddings, Private Party’s or Corporate Events. Our rates remain the same!

Fun Catering.

We love what we do and it really shows. Once on site and all set up, the fun really begins! It’s always fun chatting to the guests as they watch us cook Paella from scratch right there in front of everyone.

It has often been said that Gary from Your Paella is a bit of a character to have at any Wedding or Party!

Make a Booking.

As you can imagine, Paella Catering at any Wedding is a fun and colorful catering experience and as such the demand for Paella Catering is very high especially through the summer months.

It is a great idea to make contact early. This way you can get all the information in good time and if you secure the booking in good time that will be one less thing to worry about for the BIG day.

Booking Your Paella is a very easy process. The starting point is to contact us as soon as you know you need a Paella catering service for your Wedding or Party.

Paella Catering Using Tripod Stands.

Paella Catering Using Tripod Stands.

Most, if not all Paella Catering Company’s in the UK cook using Tripod Stands.

At Your Paella we do things a little differently.

Introducing the famous Paella Cart!

Paella Cart
Your Paella, Paella Catering Cart

The above image shows our unique Paella Cart, that we use to cook and serve not only Paella’s but hot tapas too!

Transporting the famous Paella Cart to your Wedding, Corporate Event or Private Party takes a little more than just a small van.

The overall experience however is really worth the extra effort that goes in to Catering with our famous Cart.

Paella Cart Availability.

The Paella Cart really puts that extra WOW! factor in to your next Event.

At present we only have the one Cart, so once a booking is secured with it, then we have to do all further bookings using Tripod Stands.

Paella at smaller party's
Paella Pan set upon a red Tripod Stand.

We have the capacity to offer our service on more than on event on any given day.

As we only have the one Paella Cart, all other events will be using the Tripod Stands. This is in fact how just about every other Paella Catering Company, provides the service.

The Same Great Taste and Service.

Cooking using Tripod Stands is still a fantastic option if you’re looking to hire a Paella Catering Company to provide the food at your next event.

The trick to securing the famous Paella Cart is simply to book your event well in advance. That way you can be more certain that the cat will be available for your event date.

However you book Your Paella, with or without the Paella Cart, you can be sure of fantastic tasting Paella’s and Tapas that you and your guests will enjoy.

Hot Tapas
Spanish Chorizo Sausage in Red Wine as a Hot Tapas.

Get more information.

To get more in depth information on the Service we can provide you, just visit the main Your Paella Website. Just click here.

Thank You To All Of Our Past Paella Catering Clients

Thank You To All Of Our Past Paella Catering Clients

It certainly has been a challenging couple of years for all of us.

Thankfully our Paella Catering business not only survived, it also thrived!

Covid 19 and Lockdown

As you may be aware many businesses where unable to trade due to harsh Government enforcement with the Lockdowns. As a Paella Catering business we too were unable to fulfill our clients bookings.

Even during the Lockdowns we were still taking bookings for Weddings, Private Party’s and a few Corporate Events.

Managing Bookings

As we had so much uncertainty with the ever changing situation, it was at times tricky to shift all the bookings around to accommodate not only us but also our clients and all the other suppliers they may have booked.

Thankfully once the storm of Covid and the Lockdowns and restrictions eased, it was business as usual!

As you can imagine it was a very busy season for us at Your Paella and it was great to be back cooking our delicious Paella’s, Tapas, salads and more at all of the events.

Moving Forward

Looking forward to 2022 we have already secured many Weddings and Party’s to cater for and we intend to expand our team as we are in such high demand.

Book Your Paella

If you are looking for Paella Catering that you can depend upon no matter what the situation, booking Your Paella will be the perfect choice. Contact Us today through the website or call us on 07989079231. Trust me, you and your guests will be glad you did.

Finally, we once again would like to thank all of our past clients and hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! We also hope that 2022 is a great, happy and prosperous New Year for EVERYONE!

Paella Catering indoors

Paella Catering Indoors

We are often asked if we provide our Paella Catering service indoors as well as outside.

Paella Catering with Your Paella is a very versatile option when looking for a catering service for your Wedding, Corporate Event or Private Party.

Although much of the Paella Catering we provide across the whole of the UK is outdoors, we do also provide Paella Catering Indoors.

Specialist Paella Catering Equipment

When Paella Catering Indoors, this requires a slight change in the Paella equipment that we us.

Paella Catering outside in our white pop up shelters is what the bulk of our clients require but when we are asked to cook our delicious Paella’s indoors we change our large outdoor Paella burners that the large Paella pans sit upon and use specially designed Paella burners that are suitable for indoor use.

The main difference with the Paella burners for indoor use is that they are fitted with safety gas cut off valves, so in the event that one or more of the gas rings flame goes out, the burners will automatically cut off the gas supply to the ring.

Smoke Detectors

One very important factor to take into account when Paella Catering indoors are the smoke detectors that may be inside the venue.

In most cases the smoke detectors can be disabled in the Paella cooking area. This only needs to be done during the initial stage of the Paella cooking process, as this gives off a certain amount of smoke due to the frying of the Spanish Chorizo sausage.

If you are concerned about the smoke detectors, please do contact us and we will be happy to give you more advice and information.

Paella Catering For Your Next Party

Your Paella have been cooking fantastic tasting Paella’s, Tapas and more all over the UK for over 10 years.

With over 100 5 Star online reviews (More 5 star reviews on you can be certain that when you hire Your Paella for your next party you will be receiving at first class service from the Paella Catering professionals at Your Paella.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the Paella Catering Service we provide you can call us on 07989 079 231 or contact us through our online form.

Your Paella
Your Paella Catering Service

Paella Wedding Catering In Grantham

Paella Wedding Catering In Grantham Lincolnshire.

Winter Weddings are becoming more popular. This winter we served 100 guests with Paella Wedding Catering in Grantham. The wind was blowing so it made the event a little more challenging than normal as we were outside in one of our 3×3 metre pop-up shelters. We use professional pop-ups so they can withstand a fair bit of adverse weather.

Even on such a cold and windy day Wedding guests were all comfortable inside 2 large connected Tipi structures.

The huge Tipi’s really are a great choice for any large outside event. Perfect all year round.

Paella Cart
Your Paella Christmas Catering.

The Menu

Your Paella cooked 3 types of Paella on the day, a mixed Paella for 50, a Meat Paella for 40 and 10 Vegan Paella. 20 portions of Patatas Bravas as a special order from the Bride and Groom were also supplied. The Paella’s were served on our black metal single serving Paella pans with a paper napkin and a wooden fork.

Once we had served all the guests they then went on to a Crepes supplier for their dessert.

Evening Menu

We continued our Paella Wedding Catering by changing over from large Paella pans to large griddles and the proceeded to cook 100 Steak burgers with cheese, salad and sauces.

Your Paella cooked the main Wedding breakfast and then the evening food.

This is not only cost effective it’s also more environmentally friendly as we are already on site so there is no need to book another caterer that has to bring another vehicle on site etc.

Paella Wedding Catering Video

Book Your Paella

If you are holding an event, a Wedding, a Corporate Event, or a Private Party, Your Paella are happy to serve you.

With a UK Wide Service and over 100 5 Star online reviews, you and your guests can be assured of a fantastic Paella Catering experience. Great food, great service at an affordable price!

Contact us now or call 07989 079 231 for a FREE no obligation quote. Your guests will be glad you did!