Paella Catering for your wedding.

Paella Wedding Catering Specialists.

Paella Catering for Weddings.

Paella Catering for your Wedding and making the whole catering experience an unforgettable one is just what we at Your Paella set out to achieve.

With well over 100 5 Star reviews our past clients also agree with us!

Paella catering for a wedding is a great privilege and we take this opportunity to bring great tasting food in a unique way very serious. Although I have been known to have a lot of fun at a Wedding and party. With so many great people at these events it’s hard not to. Your Paella have been serving up fantastic Paella’s at Weddings, private Party’s and Corporate Events since 2011 and we are very proud of the first class service and products we supply.

So now you have found the UK’s favorite Paella Catering Company, why not give us a call for more information. 07989 079 231

Your Paella in 2021/22 Still ready to cook fantastic Paella’s for your next party!

Paella Catering since 2011. We won’t stop now.

Paella Wedding Catering
It’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

Well what a strange year 2020 has been!

It’s been a very tough year for everyone involved in the hospitality business and Your Paella have obviously felt the massive impact that closing the economy has had.

But through all of this Your Paella is still open and ready for business. In fact we have been taking bookings throughout the economic crisis and that’s been a very positive sign for going forward.

I just wanted to let you all know that Your Paella are in a very stable position and happy to come and cook fantastic Paella’s for your Wedding, Private Party’s or Corporate Events. The bigger your event the better as far as we are concerned.

I look forward to seeing and serving you all soon!

Gary Evans.

Wedding Paella Catering

Wedding Paella Catering

Wedding Paella Catering Professionals from Your Paella are one of the UK’s favorite Paella Catering Company’s. Established in 2011 after living and working in the Costa Del Sol Spain for many years Gary & Nicola decided to embark on a new business adventure back in the UK.

Your Paella The Idea

The idea was simple enough, relocate to the UK and start a new business cooking delicious Paella’s at Markets and Shows around the country. Gary loves cooking and his favorite dish is, as you may have already guessed Paella. While living in Southern Spain Gary learnt to cook delicious Paella for his family and friends, so upon returning to the UK it was his ambition to cook Paella’s in huge Paella pans but with an extra twist, the Your Paella “Paella Cart”

Paella Catering Paella Cart

The famous Paella Cart. A favorite at Weddings and Party’s

Your Paella The beginning

After settling back in to the UK Gary and Nicola spent a lot of time money and energy putting everything in place, the website, all the equipment, the vehicles and once this was all completed they set out on the great new business adventure. Cooking at public Markets and Events enabled Your Paella to establish it’s reputation for great tasting Paella’s and it wasn’t long before the public started to ask if Your Paella could attend their private party or Weddings. These days Your Paella are so busy with private bookings that they rarely attend public shows or events anymore.

Your Paella Indoor Corporate Catering

The Your Paella Cart at a indoor Corporate Event

Your Paella Now And Into The Future

Now Your Paella are well know on a national level due to the fact that they continually provide a first class Paella catering service and with over 100 5 Star reviews from past clients they have demonstrated that providing great food with a friendly professional attitude at an affordable price is a winning formula. Taking Paella Wedding and Party bookings well in to the future Your Paella are having continued success.

Book Your Paella for your Wedding or Party Or Corporate Event

If you would like to book Your Paella for your Wedding, Party or Corporate Event just Contact them here and they will be more than happy to give you a free no obligation quote or answer any questions you may have. Call them directly on 07989079231 or visit the Website for further information.

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Paella Catering Bedfordshire

Paella Catering Bedfordshire.

The start of the Paella Catering season is fantastic! The weather couldn’t be better and it looks like it may be here to stay for a while yet. Fingers crossed!

Our latest Paella Catering Event was in Bedfordshire at a great location called Newton Park Barn With very big natural open spaces surrounded by beautiful countryside this has to be one of the best venues we have had the pleasure to cook Your Paella. With very easy access, ample parking and a very nice host, you really should look at this Wedding Venue if you live in the area.

Paella Wedding Catering at Newton Park Barn Bedfordshire

Inside at Newton Park Barn

As normal we arrived in good time and found a suitable place to set up. The Wedding had 170 guests.

The venue allowed them to supply a Bar company of their choice and of course the catering that they would like. Many venues won’t allow you to have outside caterers to come in or a Bar company of your choice. Everyone had a great time and we had many compliments about Your Paella. The Bride even left us a nice 5 STAR review on the website. Here you can see that review.

Your Paella 5 Star Customer Review

Your Paella 5 Star Customer Review

If you are looking for an Wedding Catering Service or an outside catering service for any special occasion just click here to find out much more information.

The Bar View

The Bar

There was a large marquee attached to the Barn and that also had the Bar at one end and an exit at the other end that led to a beautiful garden type area with nice wooden bench tables to sit and relax in the sunshine.

Hired Bar

Hired Bar

We made a short video. The quality isn’t our best but you get an idea about this beautiful venue.



Paella Catering in Devon

Paella Catering in Devon and Cornwall.

Paella Catering in Devon and Cornwall is always great fun for us at Your Paella. Why’s that I here you ask? Well not only do we get out of the built up towns and city’s but on the whole we get to see the beautiful coast line and in many cases we have even set up and cooked in some absolutely beautiful scenery.

Paella Catering Cornwall

As you can see from the image above, it’s wonderful for us to cook delicious Paella with this kind of coastal view.

Even though it’s a long drive it’s always worth it. To see the happy expression on the guests faces as they watch Your Paella cooking in such huge Paella pans on top of our unique “Paella Cart

Then to hear them comment on how great the aromas are coming from our small white pop up tent that we cook and serve from. It’s even more satisfying for us to hear how great tasting Your Paella is!

Wedding Paella catering

Wedding Paella catering

Wedding Paella

All of the Paella Catering that we have done in the Devon and Cornwall area have been for weddings but that doesn’t mean that we can’t cater for a party or corporate event in Devon or Cornwall. Far from it, we are more than happy to travel to your party or corporate event and wow you and your guests with Your Paella.


Paella Catering in Cornwall

Paella Catering in Cornwall

Book Your Paella for your special day.

If you are interested in providing great food with a touch of Theatre for your next party or any special occasion, please do contact us as we are happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote.

No matter where you are in the UK Your Paella can come and cook amazing Paella’s at a great price! Thank you for visiting. You can check out our main website here

Paella Catering Scotland


Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering in the UK is big business and there are a lot of wedding catering options to choose from, so it makes sense to shop around for the perfect wedding catering service for your big day.

It’s true that as soon as you mention the fact that you want a catering service for your wedding many caterers and wedding venues will put the price up just because it’s catering for a wedding.

At Your Paella we give you the price for our service and never charge more just because it’s catering for a wedding.

Paella Catering Cambridgeshire

Wedding Catering With A Difference.

Paella wedding catering can really offer you so much more than the standard meat and 2 veg option.

When your guests see the huge Paella pans sitting on top of the famous Your Paella “Paella Cart” the excitement begins to rise. Then they have the added bonus of watching professional Paella chef’s cooking delicious Paellas in front of their very eyes.

The aromas of high quality Spanish chorizo sausage start to fill the air as the chorizo starts to sizzle in the hot extra virgin olive oil.

Then the loud frying sound as the onion is poured into the large Paella pans is a head turner adding even more mouth watering aroma in the air.

As the Paella chef continues to ad more ingredients to the large Paella pans your guests can be served Spanish style canapes. These bite size canapes are just enough to bring your guests appetite to the front of their mind and by now the Paella’s are bubbling away sending even more delicious aromas in to the air around them.


Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes

The whole Paella wedding catering experience, with it’s cooking theater in full swing will really wow you and your guests. All this excitement before you have even tasted Your Paella!

Now the time has come and Your Paella is now ready to be served from the Your Paella “Paella Cart” by the uniformed Paella chef that has been cooking with great ease and skill.

Paella wedding catering with Your Paella really is something you and your guests will remember.

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If you’re interested in giving your guests something that is cost effective, healthy, tasty and entertaining at your wedding you can contact us or call 07989079231 and we will be more than happy to give you any advice you would like.


Food Hygiene Rating and why Caterers in the UK Need It.

Food Hygiene Rating

Food Hygiene Rating

Food Hygiene Rating

Food hygiene is a very important issue withing the UK catering industry.

The importance of making sure that any catering outlet or outside caterers have been given a rating by their local environmental health officer can not be over estimated.

Although the rating can not give you a guide on how good the food tastes, it will give you a good indication if the food that you will be consuming is fit and won’t cause you harm.

Who gives the food hygiene rating?

Every council in the country has a Environmental health office and can be contacted through your local council.

Their role is to ensure all food businesses within the scope of the scheme will be inspected by our Environmental Health Officers and given a rating based on their compliance with the legal requirements for hygiene, structure and food safety management performance.

The different ratings are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (5 represents very good compliance levels and 0 highlights urgent improvement is necessary).

You can also find ratings for businesses in the whole of England and Wales as well as more information about the Scheme by visiting the Food Standards Agency website.

What if a food outlet doesn’t have a rating?

If you intend to eat at a fixed location like a restaurant they should have their food hygiene rating stuck on the door or window in clear view for you to inspect. If this is not visible be sure to ask to see their rating. If they can not supply you with this information I would suggest that you find another food outlet to eat from.

Outside caterers should also have this information at hand should you wish to see it.

Does Your Paella hold a food hygiene rating?

Yes we have a 5 Star food and hygiene rating and have held 5 stars since we started our business  in April 2011.

You can check out more information about our catering business if you click here.



Wedding Catering Advice.

Wedding Catering Hire Advice.

The question was popped and the answer was a “YES!” Now the fun really begins.

There’s a lot to sort out when you’er getting married and it can cause some sleepless nights, so I have decided to write down some hints and tips when it comes to finding the outside caterer.

Getting the right caterer will take a lot of stress off you if you get it right. There are a few simple things that you can do to be sure that your not going to get let down the week before the wedding or that the food is in fact safe to eat. The last thing you want is to poison the guests!

So you’ve decided on the type of food that you want and have started to look across the internet to find the perfect fit. You have got it down to three company’s you like the look of so how do you know who will be best for your big day. Well one way is to ask if you can try the food before you make any commitment to book. If this isn’t possible like with my company then ask if they have any past client’s reviews. Preferably on another website like that anyone can access and leave a review. Google will also show any reviews that have been left on a Google registered business. I didn’t even know people could leave reviews on my Google listing until I happened to notice people had in fact left reviews about us.

So now you are armed with a lot of reviews you need to check a couple of other things. Is the company you want to cater for your wedding registered with their local councils food and hygiene inspector? This should be very easy to find out, just ask the catering company what council they are listed with and what star rating they have. You should then be able to look at that councils website and find the company listed with their star rating. 5 Stars is best. If you can’t find them on the council website just give the council a ring and they should be able to help. We are registered with our local council but I’ve never found us on their website. Some are better than others I guess.

Food Hygiene

The food hygiene star rating will not tell you how good the food is, it will just let you know that the caterers know how to prepare and serve the food they make safely. If the company you want to use isn’t registered find out why as it is a legal requirement. I would advise NOT using any catering company that is not registered with their local council food hygiene inspectors.

Public Liability Insurance

You will need to check the caterers Insurance and be sure that you and the venue are happy with it because if there is a problem you don’t want it on your head.


Your Paella UK covered

Your Paella UK covered

We all know things can go wrong with even a brand new vehicle so it may be a good idea to ask the caterer what would be the plan if a breakdown was to happen before or on the way to set up for the wedding. We have AA cover that will recover us and take us anywhere we want to go. We also use as new a vehicle as possible so to limit the chance of a breakdown. We also set off in good time to be sure we arrive in good time even if there’s a hold up on the roads.


If you’re on a budget and you find the caterer you want and you have chosen the menu you like but the quote has come back over your budget, always tell the caterer and in many cases they will try and get you what you want within your budget. I’m not saying every catering company will do that but I know we do and it never hurts  to ask.

We often get clients asking us to add a little extra or they tell us they really want to use our services but company “XYZ” can do it a bit cheaper so when ever possible we try and match a like for like quote.

Don’t Over Cater

So many times we have spoken to future Bride and Grooms and many have told us story’s of a friends wedding where they never had enough food and the last thing they want for their wedding is to not book enough food. Stay calm, just have a good chat with the caterer about numbers and about exactly what you want. This may sound obvious but you will be looking at a great many things for your wedding and over catering because “You Think” that may be enough when in fact it’s far too much and you’re just throwing money away.

Feel Confident

It’s really important to get a confident feeling when talking with any prospective catering company. While talking if you feel confident with all the answers to your questions this will be a very good sign that your catering will be in good hands. Part of the service we provide to to help our clients feel very confident that the catering at least is all sorted and no longer a worry. Now you can go on to the next item on your wedding list.

I hope that helped you a little and we hope that your special day is everything and more than you hoped for. The best of luck to you both in your future together.

Having fun at a party.

Having fun at a party.

Paella Catering Yorkshire. Wedding Catering Yorkshire. Party Catering Yorkshire.

Paella catering in Yorkshire for your wedding, birthday or any other party or event.

Your Paella” cater for all kinds of party’s and events throughout the UK but if you are looking for a catering service in the Yorkshire area you’re in luck! “Your Paella” are based in Yorkshire and Northamptonshire, this gives them the opportunity to cater for your wedding or party at a great value price!

Paella Corporate Catering

Paella Corporate Catering

Often fuel prices play a large part of the running costs for an outside catering company and also the time it takes to get to the event location. Now if you are looking for a catering service in Yorkshire “Your Paella” are here! So this in turn keeps the cost down offering you an amazing outside catering experience at a great price!

Paella cart set and ready to cook

Paella cart set and ready to cook

Types of Paella.

Your Paella” offer 4 main types of Paella, Mixed Paella that contains mixed de-shelled shellfish, breast of chicken and premium Spanish chorizo sausage. Meat Paella that contains extra breast of chicken and premium Spanish chorizo sausage. Shellfish only Paella that only contains de-shelled mixed shellfish and a vegetarian Paella that is suitable for vegans.

The Your Paella guys cooking delicious Paella and Tapas

The Your Paella guys cooking delicious Paella and Tapas


Prices start from just £9.00 per head (at the time of this article) and include everything needed.

You can check out “Your Paella” by clicking here or you can contact them on 07989 079 231 for more detailed information.

Your Paella UK covered

Your Paella UK covered

Quotes are free and your guests will be glad you did.

Paella Catering Manchester

Paella catering in Manchester and surrounding areas has been a lot of FUN!

Paella Catering Manchester

Paella Catering Manchester

The good people of Manchester know how to have a great party and we always enjoy catering for party’s in Manchester and surrounding areas.

Your Paella cover the whole of the UK and we have cooked Your Paella at every kind of wedding, party and event but so of the party’s in Manchester have been very memorable. Now if we remember those party’s with all the party’s we cater for that must have been amazing for the guests and we always congratulate the hosts when they have spent so much time and effort into a party!

Paella Catering Manchester

Paella Catering Manchester

One of the Paella party’s that we had the goofd fortune to cater for even had a mobile zip wire! Needles to say I never had a go on it lol. I know what a coward but hey I was there to cook and serve!

Paella Catering Manchester

Paella Catering Manchester

So when you are looking to book a caterer for your next special party or event, give us a thought.

We cook delicious Paella’s with our famous “Paella Cart” and add that wow! factor for you and your guests!