Website Offline.

Our Website Went Offline.

We had a real shock the other day when we found our Website Offline.

I had a call from the guys that host our website and I was informed that they had one of their server hacked!

This wasn’t good, especially as it’s just turned Spring and we get a lot of our bookings at this time of year and through the Summer.

Thankfully, the tech guys got to work and sorted out the problem.

Out Of Our Control.

In the very rare circumstance that our website is offline, it will be one of two issues.

Maintenance to the site.

Server issues.

If it’s a server issue, we really have no control over this.

Still In Business.

We are still in the Paella Catering Business, so don’t worry.

If You would like to secure a booking, or just want more information, you can visit the main website or call us on 07989079231


Wedding Breakfast.

Wedding Breakfast.

A huge part of any wedding is the Wedding Breakfast.

For the main meal after a wedding, it seems strange that it is called a Wedding Breakfast.

It’s not served in the morning and certainly isn’t a breakfast as we know it.

What Is A Wedding Breakfast?

Taken from Wikipedia.

The orthodox “Wedding Breakfast” might more properly be termed a “Wedding Luncheon,” as it assumes the character of that meal to a great extent;

In any case it bears little relation to the breakfast of that day, although the title of breakfast is still applied to it, out of compliment to tradition.

As recently as fifty years ago luncheon was not a recognized meal,

even in the wealthiest families, and the marriage feast was modernized into the wedding breakfast, which appellation this entertainment still bears.

Paella Wedding Catering.

We know how important it is to provide the Wedding Party with a delicious meal after the Wedding Ceremony.

We also understand that many newly weds no longer want a traditional wedding breakfast.

This is why we offer Your Paella as a healthy, delicious, cost effective alternative to meat and two veg.

Perfect For Large Groups.

When you’re hosting a large wedding, speed of service can be an important factor.

Super large Paella pans that are used to cook Paella allowing a fast process.

Cooked ready to serve straight from the pans, Your Paella chef’s serve delicious tasting Paella’s with ease and at pace.

Cost Effective Wedding Catering.

Prices starting from just £10.00 per head*

Your Wedding Breakfast is an affordable way to serve the wedding guests with quality food.

A choice of menu options to suit your budget.

A catering service that will be remembered.

A Family Run Business.

With over 11 years catering experience.

We provide our services to private and Corporate clients, nationwide.

With this in mind, its a good idea to book early.

Secure Your Booking.

Booking is a simple process.

Go to our Contact Us page on the website, fill in the inquiry form with your requirements and we will gladly send you a free, no obligation quote.

Once you’re happy with your booking, just send the deposit and its done.

You can also call us directly on 07989 079 231.