Paella Wedding Catering at Skipbridge Country Weddings

Paella Wedding Catering At Skipbridge Country Weddings.

Meat Paella with Potatas Bravas

Wedding Catering with Style.

The Venue.

Paella Wedding Catering At Skipbridge Country Weddings.

I have to say, that this is one of the best wedding venues I have catered at.

Skipbridge Country Weddings would be the perfect choice for any wedding or party.

This quote has been taken from their website,

Quality matters to us. Our aim is to provide the most amazing experience, exceed all expectations and wow your guests. How are we going to do this? By helping you creating memories that will last a lifetime. We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so we promise to create the perfect day. We offer a beautiful backdrop and quirky surroundings for you to build an unforgettable wedding.

With the experience we have had Paella Catering at this venue, I can confirm that the above statement is correct!

Paella Catering Skiptonbridge Country Weddings

Paella Catering Skiptonbridge Country Weddings.

The Staff.

Totally professional, welcoming and friendly.

We can instantly tell if a Wedding Venue has the right stuff. The main tell tell sign is a relaxed and happy team. This is exactly what you will find if you have the good fortune to host your Wedding at Skipbridge Country Weddings.

A Magical Atmosphere.

The venue has so much going on.

I’m sure your guests will love the whole experience. So much more than just a Wedding Venue.

The Location.

Skipbridge Farm, York Road, Green Hammerton, York, North Yorkshire

YO26 8EZ.

If you’re getting married and your’re in the Yorkshire area, this venue should certainly be one to check out.

This is their website. 

Paella Wedding Catering from Your Paella.

Paella Cart

Your Paella, Paella Catering Cart.

If you’re looking for a Paella Catering Service that’s UK wide, then you have now found us!

We have been Wedding Catering for over 11 years.

Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events. We can cater for them all.

You can find our main website here, Your Paella

Call Us.

07989 079 231. 

Gary Evans Your Paella Owner

Gary Evans Your Paella Owner



Wedding Breakfast.

Wedding Breakfast.

A huge part of any wedding is the Wedding Breakfast.

For the main meal after a wedding, it seems strange that it is called a Wedding Breakfast.

It’s not served in the morning and certainly isn’t a breakfast as we know it.

What Is A Wedding Breakfast?

Taken from Wikipedia.

The orthodox “Wedding Breakfast” might more properly be termed a “Wedding Luncheon,” as it assumes the character of that meal to a great extent;

In any case it bears little relation to the breakfast of that day, although the title of breakfast is still applied to it, out of compliment to tradition.

As recently as fifty years ago luncheon was not a recognized meal,

even in the wealthiest families, and the marriage feast was modernized into the wedding breakfast, which appellation this entertainment still bears.

Paella Wedding Catering.

We know how important it is to provide the Wedding Party with a delicious meal after the Wedding Ceremony.

We also understand that many newly weds no longer want a traditional wedding breakfast.

This is why we offer Your Paella as a healthy, delicious, cost effective alternative to meat and two veg.

Perfect For Large Groups.

When you’re hosting a large wedding, speed of service can be an important factor.

Super large Paella pans that are used to cook Paella allowing a fast process.

Cooked ready to serve straight from the pans, Your Paella chef’s serve delicious tasting Paella’s with ease and at pace.

Cost Effective Wedding Catering.

Prices starting from just £10.00 per head*

Your Wedding Breakfast is an affordable way to serve the wedding guests with quality food.

A choice of menu options to suit your budget.

A catering service that will be remembered.

A Family Run Business.

With over 11 years catering experience.

We provide our services to private and Corporate clients, nationwide.

With this in mind, its a good idea to book early.

Secure Your Booking.

Booking is a simple process.

Go to our Contact Us page on the website, fill in the inquiry form with your requirements and we will gladly send you a free, no obligation quote.

Once you’re happy with your booking, just send the deposit and its done.

You can also call us directly on 07989 079 231.

Wedding Anniversary Party Catering.

Wedding Anniversary Party Catering.

You got married and had a fantastic party with your friends and family.

Now you’re getting ready to celebrate a wonderful Wedding Anniversary.

Make the very most of this special occasion and let Your Paella provide your Wedding Anniversary Party Catering.

A Wedding Anniversary To Remember.

Some say that a Wedding Anniversary is as, if not more important than your Wedding day.

The dedication and long term commitment to each other can not be overstated, especially when so many marriages don’t stand the test of time.

Now it’s time to celebrate your Anniversary and what better way than to once again make this very special day with a great party?

When Your Paella provide their delicious, healthy and cost effective catering, you can be sure that the party will be one to remember.

Over 11 Years Wedding Catering Experience.

With over 11 years catering experience for Weddings, Anniversary’s, Private Party’s and Corporate Events, you can trust us to provide a catering experience like no other.

With our unique Paella Cart to cook and serve from, your V.I.P guests will really enjoy the theater of watching uniformed Paella chefs cook fantastic tasting Paella’s.

We have catered at party’s and Corporate Events all over the UK. This includes many household names such as Google, Audi, Procter and Gamble and more.

Indoor Or Outdoor Catering Service.

With our specialist equipment that allows us to cook fantastic Paella indoors or outside using our pop-up shelters, your next party venue is not limited on the food that you can offer your guests.

On average we cater for party’s from 50 to many hundreds of guests.

Catering for all kinds of Party’s and Events throughout the year. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. Your Paella are happy to provide catering services whatever the time of year.

Prices and Menu’s To Match Your Budget.

When it comes to Party Catering, no two part’s are the same. With that in mind, flexibility is very important.

Offering a range of menu’s to match your budget is our aim.

Understanding our clients needs is a very important part of the process. This is why we are more than happy to discuss the individual needs of our clients.

Contact Us.

For more information, or to secure a booking, you can Contact Us directly using our online form or by calling us on 07989 079 231 where we will be happy to talk over your requirements.

Wedding Catering Near Me

Paella Wedding Catering Near Me.

If you’re looking for Paella Wedding Catering Near Me with a difference to cater for your BIG DAY, you have come to the right website.

We have been Paella catering at Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events for over 11 years.

Outside Catering With A Difference.

With the unique Paella Cart, we can cook delicious Paella’s no matter where in the UK.

Uniformed Paella chefs, serving you and your guests from the Paella Cart really gives your catering the Wow factor.

Paella Wedding Menu.

Tapas, Spanish style canapes, salads and of course Paella!

We offer a wide selection and if you’re looking for something that’s not on our menu, we will do what we can to provide that too!

Gatherings LARGE and small.

Your numbers, your day, your way.

Catering for party’s of any size, we are happy to discuss your individual needs.

Over the last 11 years, we have catered for events from 1000 guests to as few as 10 guests!

If you’re happy with our price, we are more than happy to provide our first class Paella Catering Service for you and your guests, no matter the number.


We charge a minimum of £1000.00 for any event (at the time of writing this post)

If you have 100 or more guests, prices start *from £10.00 a head. (*Prices can vary depending on event location and other factors)

You can see a price guide here.

Contact Us For A Free Quote.

To get a price for your event, just Contact Us and fill in our simple online form.

Make the most of your BIG DAY and hire the Paella Catering Services from Your Paella!