Paella Wedding Catering at Skipbridge Country Weddings

Paella Wedding Catering At Skipbridge Country Weddings.

Meat Paella with Potatas Bravas

Wedding Catering with Style.

The Venue.

Paella Wedding Catering At Skipbridge Country Weddings.

I have to say, that this is one of the best wedding venues I have catered at.

Skipbridge Country Weddings would be the perfect choice for any wedding or party.

This quote has been taken from their website,

Quality matters to us. Our aim is to provide the most amazing experience, exceed all expectations and wow your guests. How are we going to do this? By helping you creating memories that will last a lifetime. We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so we promise to create the perfect day. We offer a beautiful backdrop and quirky surroundings for you to build an unforgettable wedding.

With the experience we have had Paella Catering at this venue, I can confirm that the above statement is correct!

Paella Catering Skiptonbridge Country Weddings

Paella Catering Skiptonbridge Country Weddings.

The Staff.

Totally professional, welcoming and friendly.

We can instantly tell if a Wedding Venue has the right stuff. The main tell tell sign is a relaxed and happy team. This is exactly what you will find if you have the good fortune to host your Wedding at Skipbridge Country Weddings.

A Magical Atmosphere.

The venue has so much going on.

I’m sure your guests will love the whole experience. So much more than just a Wedding Venue.

The Location.

Skipbridge Farm, York Road, Green Hammerton, York, North Yorkshire

YO26 8EZ.

If you’re getting married and your’re in the Yorkshire area, this venue should certainly be one to check out.

This is their website. 

Paella Wedding Catering from Your Paella.

Paella Cart

Your Paella, Paella Catering Cart.

If you’re looking for a Paella Catering Service that’s UK wide, then you have now found us!

We have been Wedding Catering for over 11 years.

Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events. We can cater for them all.

You can find our main website here, Your Paella

Call Us.

07989 079 231. 

Gary Evans Your Paella Owner

Gary Evans Your Paella Owner



Paella Wedding Catering At New Lodge Vineyard Earls Barton.

Paella Wedding Catering.

New Lodge Vineyard Earls Barton.

Paella Wedding Catering Earls Barton.

Paella Wedding Catering.

New Lodge Vineyard, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire.

Paella Wedding Catering New Lodge Vineyard Earls Barton.

The Wedding Venue.

Paella Wedding Catering New Lodge Vineyard.

Your Paella recently catered for 150 Wedding guests.

The wonderful hidden gem called The New Lodge Vineyard in Earls Barton.

It’s a great venue not only for Weddings but for all types of party’s.

This was the first time we have been booked to cater at this venue. I was born in Northampton I was never aware that this hidden Gem of venue was even located in Northants!

It was a really big surprise to find a working vineyard so close to where I had grown up. Upon arrival we were greeted by a wonderful older lady that turned out to be the owner.

She was really charming. I could have talked to her for hours. I was there to cook our delicious Paella’s. time was sadly against me.

I intend to visit the Vineyard again in my own time and sample some of their wonderful wines! Of course I will write another article about my visit once I get around to it.

Open To The Public.

New Lodge Vineyard is open to the public. If you would like to visit or need more information about this hidden gem of a venue click this link and it will direct you to their website.

I have taken this statement from the Vineyards website.

“We hope all our customers and visitors have had a good year so far and have survived the hazards and months of hardship. 

As is evident, we have also survived the hazards and are pleased to welcome you back to the Vineyard’s peaceful surroundings.   The hard work in the Vineyard has continued throughout, no let up, the vines just thrive and go on producing their abundance in spite of what else goes on in the world.   Long may they do so, as it is the reason we get up in the morning and tend the same vine over and over again, it is our pleasure and yours too, when you come to enjoy a bottle and a bite on the Vineyard lawns.     

Now that we are open every weekend,  we have allowed for private wine tastings to take place from Tuesdays to Thursdays if desired for a minimum of fourteen people as a prequel to any other celebration or meeting you wish to host.

A warm welcome awaits you.” 

Watch The Short Video.

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The Disco.

The Bride and Groom had booked the services of Segg-A-Mix-Discos. That was a great choice. You can contact them here

Book Your Paella The Paella Catering Professionals.

If you are looking for a Paella Catering Service for your Wedding, Corporate Event or Private Party you can call us on 07989079231 or visit our website.

Paella Wedding Catering At Flaxbourne Farm and Gardens.

Paella Wedding Catering at Flaxbourne Farm and Gardens. Milton Keynes.

Paella Wedding Catering At Flaxbourne Farm and Gardens.

Flaxbourne Farm and Gardens. Milton Keynes Wedding Venue.

Flaxbourne Farm and Gardens. Milton Keynes.

Your Paella cater for Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Party’s all over the UK.

Our latest outing was at the Flaxbourne Farm and Gardens. Milton Keynes Wedding Venue. This was the second Wedding that we have catered for at this venue and I have to say what a fantastic venue this is!

The Wedding Venue.

Set in very beautiful surroundings, Flaxbourne Farm and Gardens really is a perfect place to hold your Wedding Ceremony and your whole Wedding Event. It’s well worth checking there website for more information.

The Wedding Food.

The venue itself has on site kitchens and a wonderful army of well trained and efficient staff. Their menu is excellent and on both occasions we were fortunate enough to sample the fantastic food that they freshly prepared for the Wedding and it’s guests.

The Evening Food.

The venue allows other outside caterers to attend in the evenings and this is how Your Paella found themselves at the venue.

As the Bride and Groom wanted something different in the evening they had booked our Paella Catering Services and as usual Your Paella went down very well with everyone, including the staff and the band!

Would we recommend Flaxbourne Farm and Gardens. Milton Keynes.

Quite simply YES! Great venue, great owners and great staff. If you’re looking for a Wedding Venue in the Milton Keynes area this would be a great choice and remember if you want some delicious Paella’s for the evening Your Paella is happy to serve you!

Paella Catering Northamptonshire

Paella Catering Northamptonshire.

We were Paella Catering in Northamptonshire at a lovely venue called Dodmoor House in Weedon Northamptonshire. You can check out the venue if you click here.

The staff were very helpful and well organised. The venue has good parking and is a perfect site to host a wedding. As usual we arrived in good time to set up and the wedding was in full swing.

Paella Catering at Dodmoor House Northamptonshire

Paella Catering at Dodmoor House Northamptonshire

In no time at all we had unload our famous “Paella Cart” and began to get everything in place and ready to cook for the 120 evening guests. The bride and groom had opted for 10 vegetarian Paella, 55 meat Paella with the Spanish Chorizo sausage and breast of chicken and 55 of our mixed Paella with Spanish Chorizo sausage breast of chicken and mixed shellfish. We use de-shelled shellfish so the guests don’t have to use their fingers while eating Your Paella.

Paella Catering no matter the weather.

Although the weather wasn’t the best it never dampened the party atmosphere and everyone seemed to be having a great time with the live music and plentyfull amounts of Paella to soak up some of the alcohol.

The Your Paella "Paella Cart"

The Your Paella “Paella Cart”

Some wedding venues won’t allow outside caterers to attend but Dodmoor House had no problem allowing the bride and groom to choose the outside catering company’s that they wanted for their special day.

We even got to taste some of the other caterers food and the lamb was delicious.

Book Your Paella.

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Northamptonshire, I would say that this would be a great venue to check out.

If you’re interested in having Paella at your wedding or party, please contact us as we are always happy to give free no obligation quotes and just because it’s a wedding we won’t charge more than we normally would charge for our services like some other company’s do.

You can also view our main website for much more information.