Paella Party

If your thinking of having a Paella Party, your in the right place! Paella at a party is a great choice and here are some of the questions that Your Paella have been asked when perspective clients have called for more information.

Paella party catering

Serving fresh cooked Paella at a party or event.

We asked Gary, the owner of Your Paella what common questions are asked when people contact Your Paella?

One of the first things to be asked is “How much is it to hire Your Paella for a party?” This question has a lot of variables. What Your Paella have done is to work out a general cost based on 100 portions of delicious Your Paella. This has made it a lot easier and clearer for our normal clients, who in most cases are looking to hire a Paella catering company to cook for 100+ guests. So if your in our price band area number 1. Then the cost is £600.00 or just £7.50 per head. (You can find your price band here)

Perfect Paella

The next question asked is “What types of Paella will you supply at the £8.50 per head price?” This will depend on a couple of things. Lets first say that the client would like 100 portions of Your Paellawe can cook one Paella pan full of 50 portions of a “Mixed Paella” & 50 portions in the other Paella pan of a “Meat Paella” or a “Vegetable Paella” . We can also cook both Paella pans (50 portions in each) with the same Paella, ie. all “Mixed Paella.” The choice is the clients, but the good news is, the price will stay the same.

Below is an image of the Your Paella Paella cart. This comes to your Paella Party and the 2 large Paella pans are on top, ready to cook Your Paella!

Your Paella's famous Paella Cart. Perfect for any party!

Your Paella’s famous Paella Cart. Perfect for any party!

Another question we are asked is, “Will you bring the Paella cart (above) and everything needed to cook Your Paella?” The answer is “Yes” As you see the Paella cart above is how you will have Your Paella cooked at your Paella Party. Its all part of the £8.50 per head price. Based on our example above of 100 portions booked in price band 1. If we are serving at night we will need access to an electrical point to plug in our lights. Other than that we have everything we need.

A common question we are asked is ” I want to hold a Paella Party for 20 or 25 guests. Can you still come and cook Your Paella for me?”  Again the answer is “Yes” although if we are to bring the Paella cart and everything that comes with it (below) it will cost more than £8.50 per head. This is due to the fact that its the same amount of work to bring the Paella cart and set up to cook 100 portions as it is to cook 20 or 25 portions etc. Lets say we only need to cook 20 portions of Your Paella. Again we can cook the Paella of the clients choice, but we don’t need to bring so much stuff to achieve this. All we would need in this case is a Paella pan with its burner, the gas bottle and the ingredients. We can then cook Your Paella in your kitchen, or another suitable place. This will keep the cost down. If our client wants the Paella cart and is happy to pay for it then that’s fine and we will bring it.

Your Paella corporate catering.

Your Paella corporate catering.


Another common question we are asked is “I want 100 portions of Your Paella, a “Mixed Paella” but I have a few Vegetarians coming to my Paella Party. What can we provide for them?” What we recommend is “Potatas Bravas” or in English “Spicy Potato” Now you may have tried this before, but we make this to our own recipe and make the source from scratch. Its a real winner with the vegetarians and we can provide this on the side for a minimum of 10 portions, again at just £8.50 per portion!

Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes

Of course we can provide a “Bespoke” service if needed, but its always best to contact us to discuss individual requirements. We are more than happy to help you have the best Paella Party Ever!

Spanish Ham and Goats Cheese used as a Tapa.

Ham and Cheese Tapas

You can find much more information on the website or though out the rest of this Blog.


Paella Catering Company

When your looking for a great Paella Catering Company, take a moment to checkout Arguably the best for taste and value in the whole of the UK!

Paella cart set and ready to cook

Your Paella, the Paella Catering Company cover the whole of the UK. Their prices start from just £8.50 per head if you are lucky enough to live within Band 1. on the UK map. You can check to see what Band you live in to help workout the cost of hiring Your Paella for your next special occasion  Maybe a Birthday party or a wedding? Just Click Here to find what Band you live in.

Nationwide Paella Catering Service

Nationwide Paella Catering Service


Whatever the occasion Your Paella are the perfect solution to your outside catering needs.

The average cost of hiring Your Paella is between *£850.00 to *£1000.00 depending on the amount of Paella to be cooked and the location of the party. *The prices above are based on at least 100 portions being cooked and cover most of the UK although other factors can have an affect on pricing. The easy way to get a price for your event or party is to Contact Your Paella. They will be more than happy to give you a no obligation quote for free.

Green and Black Olives

Green and Black Olives

Your Paella also offer “Tapas” and mixed green salad to accompany the Paella. At the time of typing this article, the cost of a mixed green salad with Tomato, Cucumber, Olives, Bread roll with butter comes in at just £2.50 per head! I’m sure you will agree that, that’s great value for money! They can even supply a range of single serving desserts @£3.50 per head!

Your Paella dessert range

Your Dessert

You can see the range of dessert’s if you Click Here.

So now you know who and what  Your Paella can bring to your party, why not Contact them today a give your guests that bit extra? Why not give them, Your Paella!

Paella University catering

Paella catering for your party doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Paying a small fortune for Paella for your next party or event won’t guarantee that you are getting a better tasting Paella.

When the Spanish made Paella in the beginning, it was cooked by the peasants and they used whatever they could get their hands on at the time.

These days most Paella’s are made with mixed shell fish and meat and rice with a few vegetables. So when I see Paella catering company’s charging £13.00 plus per head it makes me wonder why it costs so much? If they are cooking for only a hand full of people and don’t get their produce wholesale then I can see that the costs will spiral, but if its being cooked for 100+ people and the produce is brought from a good wholesaler/s then just like Your Paella it should be able to be supplied at a much better price. Your Paella can come to a venue and cook 100+ portions of a mixed, meat or vegetarian Paella from just £8.50 per head and its a fantastic Paella. You can see some of their past clients comments here,

Most if not all other Paella catering company’s come to the event or venue with large Paella pans on a tripod type stand. Then they cook Paella for you and your guests. When Your Paella attend an event or party to cook delicious Your Paella they also bring the Paella Cart! As seen below.

Paella cart set and ready to cook

The Paella Cart looks so much more impressive to your guests than a couple of simple triangle stands and its a lot safer too!

Now lets go back to the price. As I have stated before, most Paella company’s charge in excess of £13.00 per head for a typical Paella. So what is a typical Paella? A typical Paella consists of, Extra virgin olive oil, tomato, onion, rice, peppers or other vegetables, chicken, mussels, clams, prawns, squid, garlic, stock, saffron, herbs and some Lemon juice to squeeze over it just before you tuck into it. In a lot of cases the shell fish will still be in its shell. That’s fine if you want the Paella to look good but when it comes to eating it, it can get a little bit tricky to get the shell off and not cover your fingers in a bright orange colour! Not a good idea if your wearing your best party clothes!

So what goes into Your Paella?

Paella mix and Lemon

Well for a mixed Paella, we start with the extra virgin olive oil, then we add Spanish Chorizo sausage that has been cut into chunks and we lightly fry, then we add chopped onion and chopped red peppers, tomato, a vegetable stock, chicken slices, mixed shellfish, without the shells so you don’t get covered in orange when your eating it, rice and the saffron with garlic and other herbs, fresh Lemons to squeeze over Your Paella. so in a nutshell you get a fantastic tasting Paella at a far better price!

Now I know what your thinking, “How can Your Paella do all this for just £8.50 per head?

Well quite simply, as long as we are cooking for 100 or more servings and we don’t need to travel to far (We cover the whole of the UK but will need to add fuel and travel costs in some cases) and due to the fact that we buy all of our stock wholesale at a much better price its possible to come to an Event or party and cook a delicious range of Your Paella at an affordable price without compromising on the quality of the Paella’s.

Your Paella, Paella party catering

So for your next special occasion or party, corporate event, why not give your guests something special that won’t break the bank? Why not give them Your Paella!

Contact them today for a FREE no obligation quote! Click here.

Budget Wedding Catering

When it comes to getting married or having a civil ceremony, it can be very expensive. Its said that the average wedding costs £21,000 at the moment.

Some of the things to remember if your getting married on a budget are that a wedding certificate costs £3.50, a ceremony in a church costs around £300.00 and around £100.00 at a register office and Your Paella can cook delicious Paella from just £8.50 a head! (based on 100 portions in Northants)

Your Paella corporate catering.

Your Paella corporate catering.


So what next? Well if you want a designer wedding dress at a bargain price, it may pay to check out the local charity shops. Make sure you ask at the counter if they have any wedding dresses out the back. Sometimes they don’t always have them hanging up in the shop. You could also search for the charity shops online and email them to see if they have any in a different shop that’s out of your area.

You may want to check out any independent bridal shops in your area too. They may have more flexibility on the prices and may be happy to haggle on the price. Don’t be shy about asking for a cheaper deal, or if they have anything that’s “out the back” that you may be able to repair or adapt yourself. If you don’t ask you’ll never know if they have it. is another good place to search for a bargain wedding dress.

Decorations and stationery

Lovely Designs Bespoke work

Don’t pay wedding stationers to design, print and send the invites. “Stationery
can easily set you back £300. Why not try making your own wedding invites? A good website to check out is Making things yourself is quite stylish and can save two-thirds of the cost. You may also want to take a look at Lovely Designs for a cost effective and personal service.


Ask a friend to do the photos or get in touch with a local college to see if any
students will do it at a cheap rate, or put disposable cameras on each table at
the reception. You could make a coffee-table style book with your photos on the website. This may save you a couple of grand!


Hide your excitement when you book anything from the venue to the photographer. Your Paella won’t try and charge you more just because its a wedding. The price is the same regardless of the occasion.
According to consumer group Which? some hotels, florists and photographers
increase costs dramatically as soon as you say “wedding”. One hotel quoted
£1,000 less when it thought it was catering for a birthday rather than a
wedding. But if you’ve set your heart on a costly venue, at least get the price
knocked down by getting it off-peak.

A nice friendly venue can be found at Millhouse Hotel and Riverside Restaurant.

Food and drink

I’m sure you know who I’m going to recommend here, yep, you got it! Your Paella! Because Your Paella cook in such large Paella pans, it keeps the cost down compared to a three or more course menu. There is so much more work involved in cooking various courses. Maybe you would like to keep the costs down further by just having Your Paella cook the main meal and you supply the side salad, bread rolls and dessert? Or Your Paella can supply you with everything, from Tapas starters to single serving dessert? It may be that you would like casual fun type food to be served in the evening?Your Paella is the perfect choice for the evening food.

Other savings include serving cake as a pudding, so you don’t also pay for dessert; having sponge instead of fruit cake, having “pudding cakes” such as a tower of profiteroles, or cake made of cheese.

“If you’re set on a traditional cake, having two tiers instead of three can save £200! Collecting and assembling it yourself also saves pounds.

Serving Cava or Prosecco instead of champagne is fairly standard these days, as
is having a cash bar, or hopping across the channel to pick up cheaper drinks.
You could even make some yourself. A good homebrew shop is The Happy Brewer. This is their website: We have used The Happy Brewer for wines and beers and they give some great advice.

The honeymoon

Why not book a holiday at the last minute or have a honeymoon as a wedding
present? Another way of getting a great deal on a holiday is to look at going to a resort that has had some kind of conflict in the country the year before. About one year after the conflict in the Dominican Republic, you could find 5 star all inclusive package deals at a whooping 50% off!

How ever you decide to get married, we hope its a fantastic day and your love for each other lasts a lifetime! Good luck!



Big Paella Pan

Sky's Jeremy Thompson

Have you ever been to a party where the caterers are cooking on a big Paella pan? Its a very impressive sight. Its even more impressive when 2 or more big Paella pans are being cooked on at the same time! That’s exactly what Your Paella, the Paella catering specialists do.

From the site of the BIG Paella pans, to the beautiful aromas that are created  whilst the delicious Paella’s are being cooked. Paella really is THE hot food choice for any social gathering. From weddings to public shows and events, birthday parties and corporate events.

Your Paella cart

Cooking on big Paella pan’s isn’t easy and its not really a good idea to try and cook in a big Paella pan until you have mastered the art of cooking Paella in a much smaller pan a few times first. If your a lover of food like I am, then I really would suggest that you buy a small Paella pan and have a go at cooking your own Paella.

You may want to check out our online shop and see if we have received our stock of Paella pans, legs and burners yet. If not just bookmark the page and check back later. You could also “Like” our Facebook page then you will receive all our latest updates and any special offers we have.

So how hard is it to cook your first Paella? If your used to preparing food and cooking, then not hard at all I would say. Its all about having the right Paella pan and really good ingredients.

Paella mix and Lemon

When Your Paella  cook Paella, we use, extra virgin olive oil, onions, tomato, Chicken, Spanish Chorizo sausage, mixed shellfish, red pepper, garlic, stock, Paella rice and Your Paella’s seasoning. We don’t add the shells when we cook Paella so the guests don’t get covered in it while trying to de-shell the prawns etc.

Perfect Paella

Now if your ready to cook a Paella of your own, take a look around the Your Paella Blog, its full of information and videos to help you cook the perfect Paella!

If you would like information about booking Your Paella for a party or any special occasion, you can contact us here:-



Wedding Paella. Wedding caterer.

Wedding catering doesn’t have to be such a formal affair these days. As a wedding caterer we can offer a less formal dinner or evening meal that offers so much more than a cold buffet.

Your Paella are experts at cooking delicious Paella for your wedding. Visit our main website,

Wedding Paella catering

Wedding Paella catering

Wedding Paella is becoming very fashionable with the Bride and Groom that what something different and that will fulfil all their needs. Tasty, entertaining, convenient and cost effective. Your Paella have been the wedding caterer at many weddings. From the main sit down dinner to the evening  meal, Paella is the perfect choice.

These days weddings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be more exciting than ever.

Now that the wedding ceremony can be held anywhere at anytime, (A religious ceremony can be held anywhere as long as you find an approved celebrant. A civil marriage can take place in a registrar’s office or any other approved location in the registration district.) makes for some very surprising events and this all adds up to having fun, fun, fun.


So if your looking to find a wedding caterer that can offer you that something different, then contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

For more information on getting married in the UK click here.

Paella Caterer

A Paella caterer that will bring everything needed to the location that you are holding your party and cook in front of the guests. That’s what service you will receive when you book Your Paella for your next party or special event.

Paella cart set and ready to cook

Paella catering is becoming very popular in the UK, but not all Paella caterers are the same! for example, you can go to one mechanic and get a poorer and more expensive service, when another mechanic can give you a much better service at a cheaper cost to you. The same can be said for a Paella caterer.


Paella house party

Paella house party

Another example of this is Chinese food. In China the food is totally different to the Chinese food we can buy from our local take-away. In many cases Spanish Paella can have the same affect. I have tried many types of Paella while I lived in Spain and I found some of them to taste awful. I have also found the same thing here in the UK! Some Paella caterer’s here in the UK have never even been to Spain and it really shows when you taste the food they are trying to pass over as Paella.

Paella University catering

Your Paella cook Paella to a British taste. Its still an authentic Spanish Paella but it has a delicious taste that most enjoy. We have spent a long time trying different recipes and having them taste tested. We know our recipe is right due to the very positive response we get when ever we cook and serve Your Paella.

So how can you be sure the Paella caterer is the one to choose? Well a good place to start is with the Food Standards Agency. You can find their website here:- Make sure that ANY caterer is registered with their local Food Standards Agency. Also check what food hygiene rating they have. The rating is from 1 to 5, 1 is the worst (other than not having a rating at all) and 5 is the best.

Food Hygiene Rating

Your Paella’s Food Hygiene Rating

Once you have checked the hygiene rating, then look for customer comments and reviews. A good place to find reviews are websites like Facebook and

Now you can be sure of a first class Paella caterer that provides a first class service.

For further information, please review other items within our Blog or visit the Your Paella website,

Your Paella cart

Have a great party!


Paella for a small party

We are often asked if we can come to a party and cook Your Paella for smaller more intimate parties and social gathering. Due to the size of our Paella cart, many people think that Your Paella may not be suitable for the smaller parties, when in fact its no problem at all. We just come with the Paella pan/s on a stand and not with the famous Your Paella, Paella cart.

Paella at smaller party's

Paella at smaller party’s


We have been to many homes and cooked Your Paella in this way. Sometimes there is just no way of getting the Paella cart into the party because its just to big. Other times we are asked to cook Your Paella for 10 to 30 or so guests and our clients just prefer to have us cook Your paella and leave it with them to enjoy.

The point is, no matter how big or how small your party is going to be, Your Paella are more than happy to come along and give your guests something to remember.

Lets not forget that we can also supply, various Tapas, beautiful mixed salads and even Your Dessert!

So if you are going to have a more intimate party and you really want to give your guests something extra, at a price that you can afford, then send us all the details and let us take the hassle out of the catering and leave you to enjoy your party, with your guests and  YOUR PAELLA!

Contact us now for a free no obligation quote.

Paella cart set and ready to cook

Paella Catering with our famous Paella Cart!

Party time!

It´s that time of the year again when we all start to get excited about the Christmas party season or, if we are having to organize the Christmas party, begin to panic!

One thing is for sure and that’s if your having to put a large party together and you need to provide  great quality hot food that’s healthy and has the real party “vibe”, then Your Paella is the answer. OK, sure there are a lot of options out there but with prices from only £8.50 a head and having the meal cooked in front of all your party-goers proves this is a great choice! If you´re not sure what or who Your Paella is you can get all the information if you click here.

So, now we have taken the headache out of finding the catering, what next? You are going to need some kind of music and, depending on the budget, maybe live entertainment. It´s not very difficult to find a good DJ these days so no real problem with that. As for hiring professional entertainers, google is of course a great place to search. We have cooked Your Paella at a variety of large corporate parties and have seen some very good entertainers; from fire eaters, to a human hedge! Yes that’s right!..a person who looked just like a hedge… until they moved and made everyone around them jump with fright and then laugh with relief. We have also seen fantastic dancers on very high stilts at an M.O.D Black Tie Gala. The great thing about the entertainers at the M.O.D Gala was that they performed many different acts and changed often so the guests were always kept entertained.

Your Paella corporate catering.

Your Paella corporate catering.

You could also go for a live band but please go and see them perform beforehand whenever possible. Some are excellent and some are, well let´s just say “Not so good”, so we would recommend seeing the group or band perform before booking them. In many cases live groups don’t come cheap, so you don’t want to end up with everyone looking at you thinking, “Why were they booked?”

Another good idea is to hire a Magician. The type that can do the close and personal type of magic. Some of the best entertainment we have seen is the type that interacts closely with the guests, performing to small groups at a time and then moving onto the next small group. You really don’t need to have a huge party to hire some entertainers and they really make the world of difference!

We are sure you will put the perfect party together, but if you would like to ask us any questions, please do. We are always happy to help.


Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes

Welcome to Your Paella’s new Blog!

Hi and welcome!

Gary and Paella Teddy!  This is the new blog for our website If you haven’t seen our website go and take a look, I’m sure you will love it 🙂

This blog will gather a lot of useful information over the next few weeks, months and even years, so make sure you bookmark us!

This is of course our first blog and we have to say we are very excited about it. Once we work out how to use the blog we will post pictures and videos of all the shows and maybe even some of the parties Your Paella get to cook at. In the future we will have all sorts of information on “The perfect Wedding” “The perfect Party” and we hope that you may join in with any good ideas you have for the above.

Gary and Steve Paella chefs

At the moment this is really a test post just to see how it all works and to make sure we can even write a post on the Your Paella blog.

Well that’s all for now but a whole lot more is coming! Take care and thanks for the visit 🙂

Nationwide Paella Catering Service

Nationwide Paella Catering Service