Paella Van

Paella Van.

It seems that a lot of people who are looking for a Paella Catering Service for their Wedding, Party or Corporate Event are using the search term Paella Van.

I’m happy to report that in most cases when someone searches for Paella Van they find Your Paella at the top of the page. After the usual paid advertisers of course. You can always tell a paid ad listing as it will look like this,

Paid Internet Search Ad

A paid search ad

Notice the green box with the word AD that the red arrow is pointing towards. That’s a paid online ad and if you click it, it will cost the company that has hosted it anything from say 50p to a few pounds!

You can find more information about Google paid ads here,

At Your Paella we provide delicious cost effective Paella Catering for all sorts of Party’s. Weddings, Birthday Party’s, Corporate Events. We have even cooked Your Paella at a funeral. So when someone has searched Paella Van Google will send them to us.

Do we use a Paella Van?

The answer is yes and no. We use a large van to transport all of the equipment needed to cook Paella’s at an event but we use a 3M X 3M white pop up shelter and place everything we use inside. That includes our famous Paella Cart!

Paella Wedding Catering

The famous “Paella Cart” at a Wedding

Paella Catering Cornwall

So now that you have found Your Paella, why not get in touch and find out what we can provide for you and your guests? We cook fantastic tasting Paella, Tapas, Spanish style canapes and more!

Contact Us.

You can Contact Us here or call us on 07989 079 231 and we will be happy to discuss your Catering needs. With over 100 5 STAR online reviews, your guests will be glad you did!


Paella Wedding Catering

Paella Wedding Catering

Paella Wedding Catering is a growing trend in the UK and with very good reason.

Your Paella isn’t only a great tasting dish it’s also very versatile. With a range of Paella’s on offer from Shellfish only to Vegan and just about everything in between.

Paella is also a healthy option to offer your guests at a Wedding.

We at Your Paella specialize in Paella Wedding Catering. Unlike many other caterers that will try and provide anything and everything, sort of “Jack of all trades, Master of none” When it comes to cooking Paella at Weddings Your Paella are Masters!

Paella Wedding Catering with the unique Paella Cart really ads to a Wedding allowing everyone to watch professional Paella chef’s work their magic. The wonderful aromas fill the air while the guests tuck into little Spanish style canapes.

Paella Wedding Catering

The famous “Paella Cart” at a Wedding.

Over 100 5 Star Reviews.

With over 100 5 Star client reviews, you can be confident that once you have booked Your Paella for the catering at your Wedding you and your very important guests will be in great hands. You can read many of these reviews here.

Spanish meats

Spanish style canapes.

Get More Information.

Booking Your Paella to cater at your Wedding is a very easy process. You can Contact Us through our website  or call us for an immediate response on 07989079231. We are always happy to chat about your big day and give professional advice for you Paella Wedding Catering.

Wedding Paella Catering

Wedding Paella Catering.

Watch Your Paella Video.

Below you can watch a video of Your Paella as they get ready to cook at a Wedding for 120 guests. You can also watch many more Videos of Your Paella at various sites cooking their delicious Paella’s here.


Paella Catering for Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events.

Paella Catering for Weddings, Private Party’s and Corporate Events.

If you’re looking for Paella Catering at a Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event you have landed on the right website.

Your Paella catering service offers a totally unique catering experience for you and those very important guests. It’s so important to offer your guests more than just food. When you use Your Paella to cater at your Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event the guests will be wowed by the sight and smells of delicious Paella’s being cooked in full view. With the use of the unique “Paella Cart” Your Paella put on a great show and at the end provide you and your guests with delicious, healthy Paella.

Paella Catering

The famous “Paella Cart”

UK Wide Coverage.

Your Paella offer their Paella Catering service across the whole of the UK. Based in Northamptonshire and South Yorkshire we have the whole of the UK covered.

Your Paella offer Spanish Style Canapes, hot and cold Tapas, Salads, breads and of course fantastic tasting Paella’s.

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

How Much Will It Cost?

The price depends on many factors. Where will the Event take place? How many guests do you want to cater for? Do you want to supply more than Paella? The fact is the best way to find out what the cost for your event will be to contact us or call us on 07989079231. We are always happy to provide our perspective clients a free no obligation price.

Read Past Clients Reviews.

Don’t just take our word for how great the Your Paella Catering Service is, you can read some of our past clients reviews if you follow this link, once you are on that page you can click on each review to see where it’s been left on the internet.


Paella Catering Wiltshire

Professional Paella Chef’s cooking Your Paella.

Watch The Video’s

We have a range of Paella Videos that you may like to watch. Just follow this link to see the Video’s Now you have found the perfect catering solution for your Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event you need to secure the date before some other lucky person beats you too it!

Thank you for the visit and we hope to be serving you and your guests soon!

Paella Wedding Catering Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire

Paella Wedding Catering Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire.

Your Paella  cover the whole of the UK and have cooked fantastic tasting Paella’s, tapas and starters at many Weddings, private party’s and corporate events. We really do enjoy what we do and every occasion is different. 

It’s great to see what our hosts have planned for the Wedding or Party, you just never know what to expect. When I arrived at the Wedding location in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire all I could see was a huge Ti-Pi tent and some portable loos. I have catered for other Weddings where they have used these huge Ti-Pi tents and we were once again recommended to the couple by It looked fantastic as usual.

As normal I found out where I was to set up the famous “Paella Cart” and set to work. I tend to arrive on site around 4 hours before the serving time so it’s a nice relaxed set up. It also allows for any problems on route to the venue.

Paella Catering Milton Keynes

Paella Catering Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

The DJ arrived and also began to set up. I was impressed with not only the DJ area but with all the other fun things they had provided. Pop corn machine, Candy floss machine and a Magic selfie mirror! Apparently can supply a host of great items for any party or Wedding. They are well worth a look at if you need this type of equipment and service.

The Big Red Bus.

The next to arrive was a fantastic looking vintage Red London Double Decker Bus! At the time I had no idea why this bus had arrived on to the field. I guessed it was to transport some of the 100 or so guests that had been invited. It turned out to be the BAR! The Bus was amazing. It had been so well restored and was transformed inside. The lower deck was the actual bar with everything you would expect to see in a bar, beer pumps, double glass fridge units, everything. Luckily I got to go on board and made my way to the top deck. What a site. All wooden flooring and great looking little bench seats. Even the roof opened up to let the sun shine in and it was a great viewing area for the whole event. You can check Peter the owner of the Buses website here,

Vintage London Bar Bus

Vintage London Bar Bus

Watch The Video.

I have made a short video from the day and if you scroll down you can watch it. I do try and get a bit of video when I’m cooking Paella at party’s. It’s not always possible if we are really busy. You can see all of the videos that I have made on the Your Paella website. Just go to the site and click on the Video tab.

Book Your Paella.

If you’re interested in having the great taste and theater of Your Paella at your Wedding or Party just contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. Your guests will be so glad you did. With over 100 5 Star online reviews you know that you will get the the catering service you are looking for. 



Paella Catering London

Paella Catering London

Paella Catering Paella Cart

Your Paella cook and serve delicious Paella’s all over the UK. We have catered for many Weddings and private party’s in the London area. The latest Wedding that we had the good fortune to cook a range of Paella’s was at The Brunel Museum. This has to be one of the strangest places we have cooked Paella in the London area.

The Wedding was host to around 100 guests and they even had Lamas attend! That was the first time that we have ever seen Lamas at a Wedding. I’m told that having Lamas at your Wedding is becoming “A thing”

We arrived in good time to set up and had been given a private address to park our vehicle as it is a very narrow street with limited parking.

The venue had allowed a bar to be placed inside the Museum and all the guests were in very good spirits.

Once we had set up we had a little time on our hands so I decided to make a short film of the Wedding venue as it was so unusual.

You can watch the video below.

If you’re looking for a great catering service with a difference, why not contact us to get a free no obligation quote. or call us on 07989079231. Your guests will be glad you did!


Paella Catering Derbyshire.

Paella Catering Derbyshire.

Your Paella recently catered for a Wedding in Derbyshire.

The Bride and Groom had chosen a totally Vegetarian menu for their big day. As always we arrived in good time to prepare all of the food that was ordered for the wedding.

The location for the wedding was stunning. The Bride and Groom had hired a huge Tipi from Sami Tipi and it looked amazing! The Tipi was facing a beautiful lake and the sunshine really added to the whole wedding day.

The Wedding Paella Menu.

Upon arrival the wedding guests were given a nice glass of bubbly and inside the Tipi we have put together a selection of fine Spanish cheeses with a selection of crackers. We also supplied Spanish Tortilla cut in to cake slices. This was the perfect choice as the wedding asked us to cater solely for vegetarians. Beef tomato on french stick bread with a little onion and a dash of extra virgin olive oil was a simple yet refreshing bite on a hot sunny day.

Spanish Cheeses with Spanish Tortilla and Beef Tomato on bread

Spanish Cheeses with Spanish Tortilla and Beef Tomato on bread

We also cooked a hot Tapas of Potatas Bravas. The Bride had asked us not to make it too spicy and as we made the Potatas Bravas sauce this wasn’t a problem. Again the perfect choice for Vegetarians.

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

Home Made Spanish Potatas Bravas

We then cooked a delicious Vegetarian Paella for the main meal. As usual we had our famous “Paella Cart” in attendance and this really wowed the wedding guests.

Vegetarian Paella for a Wedding

Vegetarian Paella for a Wedding

Book Your Paella.

If you are looking to hire a Paella Caterer you can contact us and we will be more than happy to give you a free no obligation quote. With over 80 5 STAR reviews online you can be sure of the perfect Paella Catering Service you are looking for.

A Short Video Of The Day.





Paella Catering North Wales

Paella Catering North Wales.

Your Paella have cooked Paella all over the UK but some of the most beautiful areas we have been asked to cook have been in North Wales.

With it’s rolling hills and fantastic coast line North Wales has always been a favorite of ours to cook delicious Paella’s of all kinds.

Paella Catering North Wales

Paella Catering North Wales

When catering for weddings or birthdays in North Wales we are always welcomed by such friendly people and as always it’s great to get such wonderful feedback on how great tasting Your Paella is.  To be honest when we are working with such great people with some of the most spectacular views in the whole of the UK it’s not like work at all.

Book Your Paella

If you are having a special event and are looking to hire an outside catering company with a difference in North Wales or in any other part of the UK we would love to be able to give you a free no obligation quote. Booking Your Paella for a wedding, birthday or corporate event is a very easy task. Firstly you can check out the main area of our website if you click this will give you lots of information about us and you can see our famous “Paella Cart” or you can contact us directly calling 07989079231 and we will be happy to talk about your requirements.

Paella Catering

Your Paella Menu

Your Paella cook 3 main types of Paella, Mixed with Spanish chorizo sausage, breast of chicken and mixed shellfish, Meat with extra Spanish chorizo sausage and extra breast of chicken and a Vegetarian Paella that is suitable for vegans. We can also cook other types of Paella if needed.

Along with Your Paella we also offer a range of Tapas and Spanish style canapes, mixed green salads with tomato, cucumber, olives and bread butter rolls.

Deserts are also available if you would like them.

Paella Catering Wiltshire

So for your next special occasion why not give yourself a break and let Your Paella take all of the strain out of the catering allowing you to fully relax and enjoy you party!

Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes




Paella Catering in Devon

Paella Catering in Devon and Cornwall.

Paella Catering in Devon and Cornwall is always great fun for us at Your Paella. Why’s that I here you ask? Well not only do we get out of the built up towns and city’s but on the whole we get to see the beautiful coast line and in many cases we have even set up and cooked in some absolutely beautiful scenery.

Paella Catering Cornwall

As you can see from the image above, it’s wonderful for us to cook delicious Paella with this kind of coastal view.

Even though it’s a long drive it’s always worth it. To see the happy expression on the guests faces as they watch Your Paella cooking in such huge Paella pans on top of our unique “Paella Cart

Then to hear them comment on how great the aromas are coming from our small white pop up tent that we cook and serve from. It’s even more satisfying for us to hear how great tasting Your Paella is!

Wedding Paella catering

Wedding Paella catering

Wedding Paella

All of the Paella Catering that we have done in the Devon and Cornwall area have been for weddings but that doesn’t mean that we can’t cater for a party or corporate event in Devon or Cornwall. Far from it, we are more than happy to travel to your party or corporate event and wow you and your guests with Your Paella.


Paella Catering in Cornwall

Paella Catering in Cornwall

Book Your Paella for your special day.

If you are interested in providing great food with a touch of Theatre for your next party or any special occasion, please do contact us as we are happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote.

No matter where you are in the UK Your Paella can come and cook amazing Paella’s at a great price! Thank you for visiting. You can check out our main website here

Paella Catering Scotland


Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering in the UK is big business and there are a lot of wedding catering options to choose from, so it makes sense to shop around for the perfect wedding catering service for your big day.

It’s true that as soon as you mention the fact that you want a catering service for your wedding many caterers and wedding venues will put the price up just because it’s catering for a wedding.

At Your Paella we give you the price for our service and never charge more just because it’s catering for a wedding.

Paella Catering Cambridgeshire

Wedding Catering With A Difference.

Paella wedding catering can really offer you so much more than the standard meat and 2 veg option.

When your guests see the huge Paella pans sitting on top of the famous Your Paella “Paella Cart” the excitement begins to rise. Then they have the added bonus of watching professional Paella chef’s cooking delicious Paellas in front of their very eyes.

The aromas of high quality Spanish chorizo sausage start to fill the air as the chorizo starts to sizzle in the hot extra virgin olive oil.

Then the loud frying sound as the onion is poured into the large Paella pans is a head turner adding even more mouth watering aroma in the air.

As the Paella chef continues to ad more ingredients to the large Paella pans your guests can be served Spanish style canapes. These bite size canapes are just enough to bring your guests appetite to the front of their mind and by now the Paella’s are bubbling away sending even more delicious aromas in to the air around them.


Spanish style canapes

Spanish style canapes

The whole Paella wedding catering experience, with it’s cooking theater in full swing will really wow you and your guests. All this excitement before you have even tasted Your Paella!

Now the time has come and Your Paella is now ready to be served from the Your Paella “Paella Cart” by the uniformed Paella chef that has been cooking with great ease and skill.

Paella wedding catering with Your Paella really is something you and your guests will remember.

Get A Free Quote Today.

If you’re interested in giving your guests something that is cost effective, healthy, tasty and entertaining at your wedding you can contact us or call 07989079231 and we will be more than happy to give you any advice you would like.