Having A Party? Why Not Choose Paella?

If you are getting Married or intending on having a party to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Corporate event or in fact for any reason Paella is a great, delicious and healthy way to feed all of your guests.

If you’re hosting a party, it can be a bit of a task cooking food for 50, 100 or more guests.

Why Stress Out?

Hiring the services of professional outside caterers could be the solution to remove some of the stress when organizing a party where you intend to treat all of the guests to some delicious food.

It really is a good idea to get outside help.

Rather than rushing around buying all that’s needed to provide your guests with food, then having to cook for far larger numbers that you may be used to, it makes perfect sense to call in the outside catering experts.

Enjoy Your Party.

We are here to serve you. Don’t worry about getting everything organised. Let us take the weight. It gives you the time and freedom to host your party and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Should You Choose A Paella Caterer For Your Party?

Simple, YES! Paella is a wonderful way to feed your guests. We create Paella’s full of flavor.

By choosing us, your party food will be full of amazing aromas and a healthy option too!

Now I want Paella, Who Do I Get?

With over 11 years Paella Catering experience and over 100 5 Star online reviews you can be assured that your party will be a great success.

Contact Us.

It’s a really simple process to get all of your catering needs arranged. Just go to our website and fill out a small contact form.

Give us a call on 07989 079 231 and we will guide you along and answer any questions you may have.

It really is that simple.

Do You Cover My Area?

If you are hosting your party in the UK we cover your area. We are a nationwide catering business.

Paella Wedding Catering

Paella Wedding Catering

Choosing Paella Wedding Catering can be a minefield.

With so many factors to take into account such as dietary requirements, cost, speed of service, to name just a few. So how do you choose the perfect catering service for your Wedding?

If your favorite food is Paella, and you’re happy to give your guests a wonderful, colorful and flavorsome experience, then Paella Wedding Catering supplied by Your Paella would be a great place to start.

What if you’re just looking for a wedding caterer that offers great food at an affordable price, with a great menu and a speedy service? Then again Your Paella will fit that bill perfectly.

Paella Catering
Cooking Paella for 100 Guests with Large Paella Pans

Why Paella?

Paella really is the ideal Wedding Catering solution.

With Your Paella, not only do you and your guests get a choice of great tasting, high quality food at a very affordable price. You and your guests will be entertained as they can watch the uniformed Paella chef’s cook delicious Paella’s in large Paella pans.

An added bonus when hiring Paella Wedding Catering, is that they use the unique and exclusive Cart. The Cart really adds to the theater of the Paella Wedding Catering experience.

With a choice of Paella’s, including Vegan friendly options, hot and cold Tapas, mixed green salad and Spanish style canapes, there really is something for everyone. No matter how big the guest list is.

The Paella Cart

Limited Availability

The Wedding Catering season is in general a short one.

Most Weddings are held through the spring and summer months. This, with the limited number of Saturdays (The favorite day to host a marriage) means that it’s a really good idea to book your Catering well in advance.

It’s not unusual for a good Wedding Caterer to be book at least 2 years before the big day!

Paella Cart
Your Paella, Paella Catering Cart

Book Your Wedding Catering

If you are thinking of Booking Paella to cater for your Wedding day, now is the time to start to secure a booking.

Your Paella are a very trusted Wedding Catering company with over 11 years Wedding catering experience throughout the UK.

With over 100 5 Star online reviews on Google and, you can be sure of a first class Wedding Catering service.

Single Serving Paella Pan Your Paella
Single Serving Paella Pan Your Paella

Contact Us

Contacting Your Paella to inquire about their services is simple.

Just click here and you will be sent to the main contact page for Your Paella. Then fill out the online form for a free no obligation quote.

SpanisSpanish Chorizo Sausage in Red Wine
Wedding Catering with Style

Call Us

You can call Your Paella directly. 07989 079 231

Huge Paella Pans

Wedding Festival Food

Wedding Festival Food.

Your Paella have a over 12 years experience for those that are searching for Wedding Festival Food.

We are finding that a great number of people getting married are opting for a festival style Wedding and actively searching for festival food.

A great addition to a festival style Wedding is a huge Tipi.

We have catered for many Weddings that employ this type of Tipi to host the guests. They really add to a festival style Wedding.

Paella Catering At Your Wedding.

Your Paella offer a selection of fantastic tasting Paella’s with various options to add to the menu.

A typical example for say 100 guests, would be, 3 types of Your Paella, Mixed, Meat and Vegetarian. Spanish style canapes upon arrival to go with the welcome drinks.

A hot Tapas for 100 guests of Patatas Bravas made with our delicious homemade sauce. Check out our menu page.

Then Your Paella with side salad and bread rolls.

Wedding Festival Style’s.

Its always a treat to provide our Paella Catering Services at festival style Weddings. Your Paella is a great fit and really adds to the festival style atmosphere.

Book Your Paella.

If you’re looking to have a festival style Wedding and are looking for Festival Food, check out our main website where you will find a host of informative information.

Click here to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with further information.

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