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Paella Catering.

Paella Catering in the UK since 2011. Your Paella  have worked hard to build a trusted Paella Catering service within the UK.

Paella Catering Company with a difference.

Catering with the famous Your PaellaPaella Cart” gives your next party that bit more. With over 100 5 star  online reviews that only confirm how great tasting and entertaining Your Paella really is. The site and sounds of Your Paella being cooked at your favored location with a uniformed Paella chef working with the “Paella Cart” will WOW you and your guests and turn a special day in to an even more memorable one.

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Paella Catering East Sussex

How it works.

Paella Catering with Your Paella couldn’t be easier. Contact us and provide the following information,

  • How many serving of delicious tasting Your Paella would you like.
  • What types of Your Paella would you like and the number of each Paella.
  • What canapes,  tapas or salad would you like if any at all.
  • What is the date of the event.
  • Where in the UK will the event take place.

Once we have this information we will reply with a price and what you will receive within that price.

If you have any questions about our quote we will happily answer them You can read some of our frequently asked questions here. Then if you wish to secure the booking you just reply to our Emails informing us that you wish to go ahead with the booking and we will then ask for a deposit.

Once we receive the deposit your booked!

Paella Party Catering UK Wide Service
Paella house party

Upon Arrival 

Your Paella aim to arrive at the event location 4 hours before the serving time that you have specified to set up and get everything ready in good time.

The main reasons for turning up this early to the event is to ensure that if there are delays in the traffic on the way to the event it should not have a real impact on the serving time. Also we like to be in place and ready before your important guests start to arrive.

Once everything is in place and ready we shall start to cook Your Paella. Once Your Paella is ready we then offer you the use of a brass horn to “HONK HONK” this adds a little fun and gets your guests attention so you can inform your guests that Your Paella is ready and will be served directly to your guests by a uniformed Paella chef from the famous “Paella Cart

Of course you don’t have to use our brass horn if you don’t wish too.

Once everyone has been served we will then start to clear away and pack up everything leaving you to enjoy your party with your guests.

Paella Made with a passion

Paella Parties are more popular than ever! Your Paella have a passion for making your party catering experience a stress free.

Parties Large or small

Your Paella can cater for them all! We have no minimum or maximum number of people we can cook Paella for and we cover the whole of the UK too!

Your Choice

We can work around you. Whichever day. Whatever time. We’re here for you. We can cook Mixed, Meat, Shellfish or Vegetarian Paella.

Paella Party Catering UK wide

No matter where in the UK you are having a Wedding or party Your Paella are happy to travel to that location and cook the type of Paella you and your guests are looking for.

With over 10 years experience cooking Paella at large Weddings and Party’s across the UK to thousands of customers Your Paella soon became the Paella catering company of choice for weddings catering, birthdays, corporate events and more.

Paella Catering At An Affordable Price

Paella catering can cost a small fortune with some caterers but we specialize in Paella catering and that enables us to keep the costs down while still focusing in on quality of produce and service.

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Contact us today to get a free no obligation quote for your next special day. Your guests will be glad you did!

You can also call us direct 07989079231

Want to see “Your Paella” in action? Watch videos here.

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You can read over 100 5 STAR reviews that some of our past clients have left on the website. Just click the logo.