Paella Catering Manchester


Paella Catering Manchester

Your Paella covers the whole of the UK and we certainly have been Paella Catering in Manchester. If you're having a special event in and around Manchester, for a wedding, Birthday party, or corporate event, Paella is a must if you're looking for healthy, delicious food for your guests. Paella also has a theatrical aspect which adds a whole new dimension to the Paella catering experience.
Paella catering for weddings has become a very popular choice in Manchester and the surrounding areas. The sights and sounds that are created by a professional Paella chef, will create a lot of excitement as your hungry guests prepare to have a Paella feast. Your Paella offers delicious Paellas, tapas, and Spanish-style canapes. Some weddings opt for Paella as the evening meal. This is also a great choice as Paella is known for its variations and can meet the requirements of just about everyone, including your vegetarian and vegan guests.

Paella Catering Manchester

Manchester is the home of the famous football teams, Manchester United a Manchester City. Manchester also has a huge business sector, and we are often booked to create our delicious Paellas at many corporate events. A business will hold an event for a wide range of reasons. The main reasons we are asked to attend a corporate event are a special anniversary, family days, and new product launches. The company provides live entertainment as well as a host of outside caterers such as ours. It's not unusual for a company to have 300 plus guests and we have found that the guest list can include guests from all over the world. Paella fits in well with any corporate event. With such large Paella pans, creating delicious Paellas for a large group offers a unique catering experience with a fast service, this allows the guests to be served very quickly and removes a long waiting time to be served. The last thing you want is for your VIP guests to be stuck in a long queue waiting for their food.
When you choose Paella for your event, you and your guests a treated to much more than just a catering experience. Paella brings color, flavor, and entertainment. What more can you ask for?

If you're in the Manchester area and are seeking professional catering services from a Paella caterer, you can contact us here, or you can call us directly at 07989 079 231. Be it a wedding with 50 guests or a corporate event with 800, Your Paella has over 13 years of Paella catering experience, so you can be confident of a Paella feast that will be remembered for all the right reasons.
We create wonderful Paellas with passion, and this is reflected in our Paella catering service.

Prices start from just £13.00 per head. (Based upon a minimum of 100 servings and can very due to event location and time of year.)

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