Paella Party Catering Banbury Oxfordshire New Years Eve.


Paella Party Catering Banbury Oxfordshire New Years Eve.

It was with great pleasure that we were booked to cook and serve three types of Paella for a client in Banbury, Oxfordshire, for a New Year's Eve celebration. We had supplied our Paella catering service to this client once before in 2015, and when they booked us for New Year's Eve, 2023, they informed us that the guests from our first visit, still discussed just how great Your Paella was. So it was no surprise that we once again were called upon to cook and serve our delicious Paellas at another of their special occasions.
On this occasion, the guests were hosted inside the client's beautiful home.
Your Paella with its unique Paella Cart, was all set up just outside. 


Paella Party Catering Banbury Oxfordshire New Years Eve.

As the guests arrived, they were welcomed by me, in my full Paella chef uniform, and it was nice to hear the guests comment on how happy and excited they were, to be served delicious Paellas once again.

As I was getting ready, before any of the special guests had arrived, a car pulled up, just in front of me and a gentleman proceeded to go to the rear of his vehicle and place a large object onto a small trolly. It was very well wrapped, and I decided to ask him what it was that he was delivering. It turned out to be an Ice Sculpture. The gentleman proceeded to take the ice sculpture into what I can only describe as a great hall.
When the gentleman reappeared, I asked him what the ice sculpture was, and he informed me it was a dragon. At this point, one of the hosts appeared and invited me to come and see the ice sculpture. It was a wonderful piece of ice art, and it could also be used to dispense Vodka. I would have liked to try a Vodka from the Ice Dragon, but because I would be driving again later that evening, I declined the invitation.
The New Year's Eve party was a great success, and once again I was complimented on the great flavor of the Paellas, as well as the overall appearance of the setup that comes with Your Paella.
I hope you all had a wonderful 2023 New Year's Eve celebration, and I hope that 2024 brings you all a prosperous new year. I also hope to serve many of you, our wonderful Paellas shortly.
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! From all of us at Your Paella.

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