Vegan Wedding Catering


Vegan Paella

Vegan Parties are more popular than ever! Your Paella have a passion for making your party catering experience a stress free.


Paella Parties Large or small

Your Paella can cater for them all! We have no minimum or maximum number of people we can cook Paella for and we cover the whole of the UK too!


Your Choice

We can work around you. Whichever day. Whatever time. We’re here for you. We can cook Mixed, Meat, Shellfish or Vegetarian Paella.

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Delicious Vegan Party catering

Vegan Wedding Catering

Vegan Wedding Catering. For your next party in give your guests something that they won’t forget, give them “Your Paella” the Paella party specialists. With over 60 5 STAR reviews left on the Yellow pages website you can be confident of a truly successful party that you and your guests will love! With over 11 years cooking for Paella parties all over the UK “Your Paella” have all the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with a stress free party catering service. Vegan Wedding Catering covering the whole of the UK, “Your Paella” will come and cook delicious Vegan Paella for your Paella Party wherever it is being hosted indoors or outside, large or small, day or night!

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Vegan Paella Made with a passion


Covering the whole of the UK, “Your Paella” can come and cook delicious Paella at your party wherever it is being hosted indoors or outside. Whether its in your garden, a car park or even a field. Fully insured for peace of mind, so you can entertain your guests by allowing us to cook delicious fresh Paella at your Party. “Your Paella” have a great deal of experience and passion when it comes to cooking Paella for large numbers of guests. Our unique “Paella Cart” is a real focal point and adds so much more to the whole experience. Contact us today for more information.
  • Affordable Paella Party Catering
  • Totally Entertaining
  • Trusted Reliable Service
  • Various Paella available

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